What kind of dog is Rusty on Bluey?

Rusty plays a supporting role in many episodes of both seasons of the famous Australian TV animation series for young children.This show centers around the sisters Bluey and Bingo, with elder sister Bluey leading Bingo in their imaginative game plays. The show has a strong focus on family values and kids growing up. They are also other characters in the show, each which belongs to a different dog breed from the sisters. Rusty appeared very early in the series and is a close friend of Bluey and is often seen riding a motorcycle. So what kind of dog is Rusty in Bluey animation series?

What kind of dog is Rusty in Bluey animation series?

Rusty belongs to the Red Kelpie dog breed. Rusty sports a tan fur in most parts of his body and a brown nose.

Are Rusty and Bluey the same breed of dog?

Many fans ask this question as Rusty has the same appearance as Bluey. The only difference is their color. But they are not the same dog breed. Bluey is a cattle dog.

The close resemblance led some to speculate that Rusty and Bluey are related by blood. In fact, some sources mentioned that the official site has indicated Rusty to be a cousin of Bluey initially but changed it to a friend of Bluey.

What are the characteristics of this type of dog?

Kelpies are Australian sheepdogs which are good at gathering and driving sheep without much guidance. Kelpies are descended from British dogs known as collies which were generally brown or black. The Kelpie is medium-sized in size and has a soft coat. These dogs have pointed ears and tend to look athletic. Show Kelpies and Working Kelpies are two distinct varieties of the breed.

The coat of Working Kelpies can be short, smooth or rough and the coat can be of any color. There can also be a white blaze on their chest, and some have white points. The Kelpie can have a double coat sometimes in temperate climates and this sheds out in early spring. They are capable of driving a herd of livestock over long distances under extreme climate.

Show Kelpies are shorter and have a heavier build than Working Kelpies. They also have a double layer coat and pointed ears. They also are good natured and easy to train. They also require little care. Hence, they are usually kept as pets in the family or sport dogs.

The Kelpie is generally an intelligent and easy-to-train dog making it a great pet, particularly for families with children. Yet, they need a lot of exercise as well as mental stimulus or else they are prone to becoming bored, barking and digging constantly, and chewing on things. The best way to keep them stimulated is to take them for medium-to-long walks and to play fetch.