What Kind of Dog is Rex from Paw Patrol?

Rex is introduced in the 7th episode of the popular Paw Patrol children TV series. This is a series about 12 puppies (including Rocky, Zuma, Skye, Chase) with their unique skillsets protecting the Adventure City beach with their owner Ryder. In the series, Rex is portrayed as a dog character with an expertise in dinosaur knowledge. But what kind of dog is Rex from Paw Patrol?

What kind of dog is Rex from Paw Patrol?

Rex belongs to the dog breed of Bernese Mountain Dog. It has brown, black, and light cream patches of fur. It has brown eyebrows and brown eyes. Wearing a blue helmet and lime-green vest, he rides a wheeled dino walker holding his rear legs.

Characteristics of this breed of dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are large dog breeds that originated in Switzerland, one of four breeds of Sennenhunds. They are descendants of Roman mastiffs. Dogs of this breed were used as all-purpose farm dogs for guarding property and hauling dairy cattle back and forth between the farm and the alpine pastures. They were known locally as “Cheese Dogs” because they transports milk and cheese carts.

In addition to its distinctive tri-colored coat, the Bernese mountain dog has rust-colored markings above the eyes, mouth sides, front legs, as well as around the chest. A long coat is the unique characteristic of this breed of Sennenhund.

Bernese mountain dogs are slightly longer than they are tall. They are muscular, and have a wide, strong back. Bernese mountain dogs have a flat head and medium-sized, triangular ears with rounded tops that are set high. They have scissors-like teeth. Bernese dogs have strong and straight legs, with round, curved toes. Their bushy tails hang low to the ground.

Bernese mountain dogs are good-nature and docile. But it will attack when the situation requires them to, such as saving their owner. Dogs of large breeds should be socialized and trained at an early age, and they should be given regular activities and training throughout their lives.

Although they are well-behaved inside, Bernese dogs are naturally outdoor dogs. They need exercise and activity, but they rather low endurance compared to other dogs. When they are motivated, they can move at amazing speeds despite their size. They like to hike, and generally stay close to their family. Bernese may bark if they do not receive the appropriate amount of exercise.

Since they are very affectionate, Bernese mountain dogs generally get along well with children. They are also patient and allow children to climb over them. A Bernese can also appreciate a calm evening, despite its great energy. The breed gets along with other animals and strangers. They make excellent guardians.

More on the story of Rex in the series

Rex lives in the Dino Wilds, a place where dinosaurs roam freely, but pups are not. Dinosaurs are a special interest of Rex’s, and he is very knowledgeable about them. He has a remarkable ability to converse with dinosaurs because he understands their language. He especially loves baby dinosaurs.

Having lost his ability to move, he is now dependent on a wheeled walker. His disability doesn’t slow him down and he is quite determined. If a dinosaur is in trouble, he will do whatever it takes to save it.

Is Bernese Mountain Dog the right type of dog for Rex?

In terms of appearance, there’s little doubt that Rex is a Bernese Mountain Dog. He also has the good nature of a Bernese Mountain Dog with his love for baby dinosaurs in the TV series. Indeed, this is the right kind of dog for Rex.