What Kind of Dog is Hooch On Turner and Hooch?

Hooch is a mischievous and brave dog. He crosses paths with a police detective named Scott Turner in the movie Turner and Hooch. The two united to solve a case regarding the demise of Scott’s good friend and Hooch’s owner. Hooch was the only witness to the crime. So, what kind of dog is Hooch?


What Kind of Dog is Hooch On Turner and Hooch?

Hooch is a huge muscled canine under the Dogue de Bordeaux (also known as French Mastiff) breed.

Characteristics of this breed of dog

Dogue de Bordeaux is a member of the mastiff family. They are huge, strong, and can be very stubborn. They can either be reserved or outgoing, but this breed has an instinct to be a guardian. In short, they are very protective of their owners.

This majestic breed is also known as the French Mastiff. They are estimated to have existed in France for at least 600 years. Historically, these canines guard huge estates and assist, hunters, in big games like capturing boars. They however faced persecution like their masters during the French Revolution. But this breed thrived and continued its existence as livestock guardian dogs.

Due to their dominant nature, this canine has to be trained at an early age. If not they can spell trouble due to their tendency to be stubborn. They can grow up to 27 inches and weigh 110 pounds. A size that would be tough to handle. And their watchdog instincts tend to push them to react to smaller prey. So walking them outside and a squirrel is sighted, you might be in for a bit of an exercise too.

Caring for them like brushing their fur, once a week is enough. A bath should be given only once a month. They drool a lot, make sure to keep a towel on hand to keep them clean and dry. And also note, keeping a large dog means it will require more food and medical expenses. So please be wary of this financial impact.

More on Hooch

Their initial time together is disastrous. Hooch trashed Scott’s home. In anger, the man threw the dog out of the house. But the gesture ended up Hooch meeting a female dog named Camille. Camille is the pet of Emily, a new veterinarian in town. Scott then had to drive Camille back to her owner. The action resulted in Scott and Emily getting attracted to each other.

Instead of leaving Hooch at home, the next day Scott took him to the station with him. A wedding was taking place across the street. As Hooch observed the area he recognized the wedding photographer as the criminal who killed his former owner. Hooch proceeds to chase the man but the guy escaped. Scott managed to look the guy up and with the new information managed to progress the investigation.

Together with Hooch, they unfolded the mystery of the crime. The duo then got involved in an intense situation. Hooch courageously assisted Scott with all that he had. Unfortunately, it leads to Hooch getting fatally wounded. But the brave dog fought alongside Scott till the end.

Hooch really matchs up to the characteristics for this type of dog.

Hooch in the movie showed the intense loyalty and bravery Dogue de Bordeaux possess. Using his huge build and strong muscles Hooch protected Scott with every ounce of strength he had. It is very much in character to the breed Hooch represents.