What Kind of Dog is Bluey and Bingo on The Disney Cartoon?

Bluey is a famous Australian animation TV series Bluey which is targeted for preschoolers, starring both Bluey and Bingo as the main characters. Bluey is an 6 years old puppy. Bingo is 4 years old puppy and is the younger sister of Bluey. So what kind of dog is Bluey and Bingo in Disney cartoon?

What kind of dog is Bluey and Bingo?

Bluey is a Australian Cattle Dog with a blue coating. Bingo is also an Australian Cattle Dog. But she has a red coating.

Characteristics of this breed of dog

The Australian Cattle Dog belongs to a herding dog breed. They originated from Australia for driving cattle across rough terrain over long distances. An Australian Cattle Dog gives the appearance of being agile and extremely strong due to its strength, muscular build, and compact stature. In addition to its broad skull, which flattens to a point behind the eyes, it has muscular cheeks and a powerful, medium-length muzzle. They typically has small to medium size ears that are pointed upwards. There is also a layer of hair inside of the ears. They have dark, oval eyes with a keen expression. They have strong and muscular necks and shoulders. Their forelegs are parallel and straight. Their feet are round and arched, and they also have small nails and toes that are strong and sturdy. This breed has a short coat which can be brown or black.

Their tails are naturally long and undocked with a white tip. At the end of the tail, you’ll often find a solid-color spot. They have a moderately low tail which hangs in a slight curve when at rest, although they may lift it higher when they are excited.

Australia Cattle Dogs are energetic, intelligent, and independent. Structured training is effective for this species, particularly if it remains interesting and challenging.

Playful and affectionate, this dog breed makes a wonderful pet. Despite this, they are reserved when interacting with new people and cautious in unfamiliar situations. If given proper training as a guard dog, they will make an excellent guard dog. And they should be socialised from an early age so that it get used to a wide variety of people. With older, sensible children, they get along fine. But they will nip at the heels of younger children, especially those who run and shriek.

Generally, Australian Cattle Dogs work silently. However, they will start barking when they are alarmed or when they are trying to get attention. And their bark is distinctive and high-pitched. Despite responding well to familiar dogs, aggression can occur when they are multiple dogs trying to grab attention.

More on the story of Bluey and Bingo in the cartoon

Bluey and Bingo stay with their parents Bandit and Chilli.

In the show, Bluey is shown to have great levels of energy and has great imagination as well as being very curious about the world. She also has developed excellent games creating skills. Her parents and teacher allow her to have a lot of time to practice, so she comes up with interesting games, helps everyone pick roles, and decides on the rules. The games she most enjoys are ones where there are a lot of kids and grownups included, especially her dad. Really, she just enjoys pretending she is a grown up and acting like one.

Bingo also has great energy and loves to play. However, she has a quieter disposition compared to Bluey. In the games she play with her sister, she normally acts as the supporting character instead of the main one. But she too enjoys the main lead when she was asked to be the doctor by Bluey. Bingo has a habit of talking to little bugs in the yard and spaced out in her own world.

Is Australian Cattle Dog the right type of dog for Bluey And Bingo?

In terms of appearance, both Bluey and Bingo have same characteristics of the Australian Cattle dog with same pointed ear and body built as well as a color at the tail tip. Both of them are also very energetic and intelligent in the cartoon. I must said that this is really a great fit as the type of dog for Bluey and Bingo.