What Kind Of Dog is Jake The Dog In Adventure Time?

Jake the Dog is a fictional dog character in the famous American animation TV series, Adventure Time. Adventure Time is a fantasy series about the adventure stories of 2 boys and Jake who can change his body size and shape magically at will. As there is no official indication on the dog breed of Jake, that left many to wonder. What kind of dog is Jake the dog in Adventure Time?

What kind of dog is Jake the dog in Adventure Time?

Jake The Dog is speculated by many to be a English Bulldog. Though there’s no record of the kind of dog Jake is on the official website. But we do know that officially Jake is a dog. And we can get some clues from the visual features of Jake’s character design. Based on the design, there’s seem to be some resemblance to a English bulldog.

What are the characteristics of this breed of dog?

There is pronounced mandibular prognathism in bulldogs, along with a wide head and shoulders. They have thick skin folds above the brow as well as above the nose. Although they are friendly and patient, they can be very stubborn. Nevertheless, they get along well with children and make very good family pet.

More on Jake in Adventure Time

Jake takes things easy and is generally laid-back. Sometimes, however, he can get tense. In one episode, when the children do not calm down, Jake started yelling and barking at them. There are times when Jake shows a darker side. As the series progresses, Jake makes a number of questionable comments and takes actions that seem evil or selfish. He also has a tendency to lie and steal things.

Jake enjoys eating a lot, especially junk food. He is also great at inventing new food. But Jake seems to have difficulty focusing and paying attention. His attention can wander from one conversation to another in a moment, or he can go on to do another thing that is totally unrelated.

What is the relationship between Jake The dog and Finn The human?

In the TV series, we see Jake was created after his father, Joshua was bitten by a alien creature. And perhaps, that’s why Jake has extraordinary powers. Jake and the human Finn and Jermaine grow up together and have many adventures together. In the series, Jake is act as a wise mentor to Finn, even though his advices seem to be questionable. And often, he just left Finn to fight most of the battle alone. But he does rise to the occasion at the crucial moments.

Other Trivia about Jake

Who voices Jake The dog?

The voice of Jake The Dog was voice acted by a famous actor John DiMaggio.

How old was Jake?

In the early part of the series, it is said that Jake is 28 years old but it was in terms of the magical dog years.

What is the most meaningful Jake The Dog quotes?

There were a number of Jake The Dog quotes which has made an impression on many. However, the most meaningful one has to be this:

“To live life, you need problems. If you get what you want the minute you want it, then what’s the point of living?”

What happened to Jake The dog?

The final episode of the series shows Jake’s children to become the dominant species on the continent for a thousand years.

Is English Bulldog the right type of dog for Jake?

There are similarities in terms of appearance between Jake and the English bulldog, although both of them still look vastly different. But one can argue that this is always the case where the cartoonist will exaggerate the design of the character. In terms of personality, the laid back nature of Jake does remind that of the bulldog. Whether this is the right type of dog for Jake, it really depends how you see it. But it seems that the bulldog is the closest fit. Nonetheless, many of us still love Jake no matter what type of dog Jake is.