What Kind of Dog is Tracker from Paw Patrol?

Tracker is the eighth puppy to appear on the popular children TV series PAW Patrol with popular characters like Rocky, Chase, Skye and Zuma. Tracker stays in the jungle and possesses an incredible hearing capabilities. He can speak in two languages , English and Spanish and drives a Jeep of a mix of green and white colors. So what kind of dog is Tracker on Paw Patrol?

What kind of dog is tracker on paw patrol?

Tracker belongs to the Chihuahua dog breed. He has a white face, white underside and white paws and is covered in brown fur. Tracker loves playing with various animals in the jungle. His extraordinary hearing abilities often come in handy when he needs to rescue someone.

Characteristics of this breed of dog

Chihuahuas are among the smallest dog breeds. A Chihuahua has round, large eyes as well as large, erect ears, both set in a high, rounded head. There is a distinct stop, forming a nearly 90-degree angle between the muzzle and the skull.

A Chihuahua can have a smooth or long coat. Chihuahuas with smooth coats have long hair on its neck and their smooth, shiny coats fit close to the body. Hair is thinner on their head and ears, and it is more furry on the tail. Chihuahuas with long coats have a soft, flat or slightly curly texture. There are almost no hairs on the body, but the ears are covered with hair. And its plumed tail flutters above the back like a fan. He also has feathering on his feet and ruffs on his neck. It has long hair on the hind legs and stomach too.

Chihuahuas are prone to forming a strong bond with a one single person. Overindulging them can lead them to become quite demanding. Chihuahuas are not only affectionate housemates, but intelligent and learn fast. They are just as enthusiastic and successful in terms of agility and obedience trials. They can, however, be very stubborn.

This breed of dogs is curious and eager to explore. They are also distrustful of strangers, making them very suitable as good guard dogs. But they have to learn how to be friendly with others. If they are not socialized at an early age, Chihuahuas can be hostile to other dogs. It can be dangerous for Chihuahuas to encounter other larger dogs if they do not back down.

Having a Chihuahua when you have young toddlers is not a good idea. Children may hurt a Chihuahua when playing with it, as they are fragile dogs. Chihuahuas’ unique size and personality make them terrific companions. People who own Chihuahuas can easily develop a strong attachment to them.

What was Tracker like in the TV series?

Tracker is a very brave dog in the TV series. However, he does not like being in the dark. His strong hearing allows him to hear any slight sound, and this tends to alarm him and cause him to worry that what he hears may be something spooky. Even so, he overcome his fears and is determined to face them in order to protect his friends and serve as a PAW Patrol member.

He also has a close friendship with Carlos. They first met each other during one encounter where Tracker saved him from danger when Carlos encountered a snake.

His collar is red with a PAW Patrol pup-tag on it that depicts a compass. Wearing a dark green hat as well as a dark green vest, he is dressed for combat.

As part of Tracker’s gear, there is a retractable spring-loaded cable that he uses to swing himself from tree to tree. He also carries pliers and a claw as part of his puppy pack. His neck was covered in a red bandanna before he had his gear.

Does Chihuahuas make the right type of dog for Tracker?

Tracker has all the characteristics of the Chihuahuas in terms of appearance. Also, he has demonstrated his braveness in many scenarios in the TV series, just like how a Chihuahua is like. Indeed, Chihuahua is the right type of dog for Tracker