What Kind Of Dog Is Marmaduke?

Marmaduke is the iconic mischievous pet dog of the Wilson family. The well-loved 2010 movie is based on a popular newspaper comic strip created by Brad Anderson in 1954. Anderson faithfully drew this comic until his final years. At the moment this work still has a global presence in over 20 countries. The movie plot revolves around how the family and their pet Marmaduke adjust to life after moving from Kansas to Los Angeles. The move brought about several interesting changes for the family and their pets Marmaduke and Carlos. so, what kind of dog is Marmaduke?

What Kind Of Dog Is Marmaduke?

Marmaduke is a Great Dane.

Characteristics of this breed of dog

The Great Dane is a German dog breed known for its huge size. They can grow to as much as 28 to 34 inches from their shoulder. However, based on the Guinness Book of world records the tallest recorded height is 44 inches. This canine is quite heavy, it can weigh up to 200 pounds. Plus they have a huge appetite. This canine can eat about 10 cups of food servings.

History-wise, Great Danes were bred to aid hunters in capturing wild boars. This canine with its size and strength can hold down the prey easily until its master arrives. Eventually, they evolved to be watchdogs and companions as breeders make them less aggressive.

Great Danes are low maintenance. Since their fur is short, occasional brushing is only needed. But do need proper training and socialization. Great Danes are unaware that they are large and powerful. If not taught well, they might not be able to control themselves accordingly.

Great Danes are energetic and playful. They love to run and jump, that is why routine exercise is a must for this breed. Going for long walks is ideal for them. But do note that you need to invest in a very strong leash for this canine. Since when they get excited during playtime, you would be needing a lot of strength to restain them.

Despite their immense energy, Great Danes are gentle. They are very amiable to children. This breed also has no issues getting along with other pets inside the household.

More on Marmaduke

Marmaduke is quite an adventurous canine. In the movie adaptation, he had a lot of escapades ranging from dog surfing, hosting parties, doing heroic stunts, and shuts down prejudice among his kind. The driving force of his actions is how Marmaduke values friendships. Whether it be from canine, feline, or man.

Marmaduke despite experiencing strictness from his owner specifically Phil remains faithful and loyal. He even manages to be a way for Phil to get rehired. Marmaduke also holds strong feelings for Wilson’s kids. It is highlighted in the film as he valiantly tries to rescue Mazie. Also in views of friendships, Marmaduke is best friends with his fellow pet a Balinese cat named Carlos.

Is this type of dog a good match for Marmaduke’s Character?

Marmaduke’s character is very much Great Dane. He is playful, energetic, and gentle. Like the real breed, Marmaduke can also co-exist with other pets and is affectionate to his masters especially children.