What Kind of Dog is Akamaru?

Akamaru is the ninja dog who is paired with Kiba Inuzaki in the phenomenal Japanese animated series Naruto. Many akamaru fans like to ask this question. What kind of dog is Akamaru?

What kind of dog is Akamaru?

Akamaru is depicted as white and fury that has a very strong sense of smell and hearing. Based on his physical appearance, Akamaru has a likeness to the Great Pyrenees canine breed.

Characteristics of this breed of dog

The Great Pyrenees is a French breed dog that originated from France’s side of the Pyrenees Mountains. This canine is originally intended to be a livestock guard dog. They are very effective guardians that can fend off numerous predators like wolves, possums, coyotes, raccoons, and even bears.

This breed can grow up to 32 inches from its shoulder. It can weigh up to 160 pounds. In the modern-day, Great Pyrenees are dependable aids for rescue and therapy work. It also has a penchant for sports like carting. This breed loves socializing and playing with other canines.

The Great Pyrenees are very intelligent. Due to this trait training them will require a lot of focus. The investment in training this canine is rewarding. They are devoted, courageous, protective, and love children. This affectionate dog can express what they feel. This canine does it by using their paw to touch you. They do it randomly and the sweetness will surely surprise you.

This canine’s protectiveness can be quite overbearing. It reaches a point they will not allow non-family members to enter the property. And they will bark continuously at whom they assume as intruders.

Being a guard is in their nature. In the dark, they can detect predators via heightened sight. Their hearing is impeccable. Even if the house doors and windows are, completely shut they can still hear intruders outside.

More on Akamaru

Akamaru and his master Kiba share a very deep bond. Kiba received him as a very small puppy. The duo technically grew up together. In all ninja assignments and normal activities, these two are inseparable. Akamaru’s protectiveness and loyalty to his master are unparalleled.

As a ninja dog, Akamaru can sense chakra with his nose. This enables him to sense and gauge the strength of an enemy. He is also capable of taking Kiba’s human form in battle. This makes Akamaru execute an attack called the Passing Fang. This technique can also be collaborated with Kiba to make the attack force stronger.

Akamaru can also shift in color after ingesting soldier pills. His white fur turns to read and his demeanor becomes more feral. This ability is a good reference to his name. In the Japanese language “Aka” means red, and “Maru” is a reference to the male gender.

Is Great Pyrenees the right type of dog for Akamaru?

The answer is definitely yes! Akamaru has an awesome set of senses like the Great Pyrenees to accomplish his ninja duties. He also possesses the natural guardian dog characteristics like sensing immediate danger. Akamaru is also extremely loyal and affectionate to his master like a Great Pyrenees should. Surely Akamaru is part of this French mountain guard dog breed.