What Kind of Dog is Max from Secret life of Pets?

Max is the fictional main character of the animated film franchise, The Secret Life of Pets. Max first appears in The Secret Life of Pets, released in 2016, and then its sequel The Secret Life of Pets 2 in 2019. Both movies have grossed over 1.3 billion US worldwide, leading to several short films and spin-offs. So, what kind of dog is Max from secret life of pets?

What Kind of Dog is Max from Secret life of Pets?

Max is depicted as a white and brown terrier mix, with many pointing out that his appearance matches those of a Jack Russell Terrier. Since the film is animated, many of Max’s features are exaggerated in order to accentuate his adorableness. In the original film, he is portrayed as a lighthearted pet who is overly attached to his owner, Katie.

Characteristics of these breed of dogs

Terrier Mix

A terrier mix refers to a dog that has been cross-bred with some sort of terrier breed. In most cases, it is often a purebred from another breed, such as a Labrador or a Pitbull. Terrier Mixes come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and even temperaments.

Since Terrier Mixes encompasses a variety of different breeds, it is practically impossible to pinpoint a specific physical trait. But in terms of temperament, terrier mixes are said to be intelligent, confident, and independent.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers were originally bred in England during the 1800s, as dependable hunting companions. They usually grow up to 15 inches (38 cm) in height and up to 17 lbs (7 kg) in weight. They are usually white in color, with dark spots all around their body and face. The spots are usually different shades of brown, black, and tan. Coats can vary between smooth and rough, even with combinations of the two.

In terms of temperament, Jack Russell Terriers are energetic, upbeat, and friendly. On the other hand, they can also be territorial, dominant, and stubborn. Since they are originally bred as hunting dogs, Jack Russell Terriers have a strong hunting instinct that may prove problematic for rookie dog owners. They are generally playful and affectionate towards their owners but are aggressive towards other dogs and pets. Patience and proper training are required if one chooses to adopt and raise this particular breed.

More about Max in Secret Life of Pets

In the original 2016 film, Max is an abandoned dog who is adopted by a friendly dog lover named Katie. Max lives a normal canine life before his owner adopts another abandoned dog named Duke. Max and Duke then begin to compete for Katie’s affections before both get separated from her during an eventful walk in the park by a dog sitter.

Both are then forced to work together in order to return home before Katie realizes that they have gone missing. By the end of the film, Both Max and Duke reconcile and agree to live together peacefully for the sake of their owner Katie.

What type of dog is Max?

The competitive nature and adorable appearance of Max really resembles that of a Jack Russell Terrier.  But what really captures my heart is his friendly, lighthearted nature, which has also captured the hearts of many film goers around the world. Indeed, Max as a character is now beloved around the world by children and adults alike.