What Kind of Dog is Everest from Paw Patrol?

Everest is the 7th dog member to appear in the famous Canadian children animation series PAW Patrol which features popular dog characters such as Zuma, Chase, Rex and Tracker. She is also the 2nd female member of the team and is known as the snowy mountain puppy. She has two primary tasks: clearing snow from roads during emergencies and getting from one place to another using her grappling hook. So what kind of dog is Everest from Paw Patrol?

What kind of dog is Everest from Paw Patrol?

Everest is a puppy belonging to the Siberian Husky dog breed. The majority of her fur is grayish-lavender with white patches on the paws, chest, as well as belly. She also has a grayish-lavender tail with white hairs on the bottom. Her eyes are blue and her ears are white.

Characteristics of this breed of dog

Siberian Huskies are a dog breed that come from Northeast Asia, where Chukchi people of Siberia breed them to pull sleds and live as companions. In contrast to most other dog breeds, the Siberian Husky’s double coat is thicker. The coat is two-layered with a dense, wavy undercoat, followed by a thick topcoat of straight guard hairs. This thick coat effectively shields the dogs from bitter Arctic winters and also acts as a heat reflector in the summer. The thick coats, however, need to be groomed weekly.

Siberian Huskies come in many colors and patterns. They usually have white paws and legs, a facial marking, and a pointy tail. Their coats are mostly black and white. Usually, they have brown, black or blue eyes and they have an almond shape, are moderately spaced and slightly obliquely set. Husky tails are thick and furry. Husky often use their thick tail to cover their faces and noses as a way to provide extra warmth.

Siberian Huskies usually howl rather than bark. They are really good at escaping by digging under fences, chewing or even jumping over them. Siberian Huskies normally hunted in packs, predating on wild cats, squirrels or birds. If properly trained, they can also be trusted with small animals.

Siberian Huskies are friendly and gentle by nature. They are not meant for hunting or guarding. Siberian Huskies tend not to be aggressive toward humans or other animals because of their peculiar psyche. Further, the breed tends to be independent, and this makes them unsuitable to act as service dogs. It can result in mental problems for the dog when you try to teach him aggressive behavior. Although dogs are intelligent, they can be stubborn due to their independence and impulsivity. It is important to start training early in order to achieve obedience.

How is Everest like in the animation series?

She is hyperactive and is known for sliding down hills not on her butt, but on her belly. When snow banks pile up, Everest can dig holes in them with ease. She is capable of freezing things using her ice breath while she changes to her Mighty Pup form. Compared to Skye, she possesses a more tomboyish personality. Despite their difference, they remain close friends. In addition, Everest has a fondness for liver flavored items, including pup treats and liver in its raw form.

A yellow and teal knit hat is a staple of her wardrobe. She rarely leaves the house without it. She normally wears a teal jacket withing trimmings of orange and white fluff.

Everest used to stay in the South Pole before joining the Paw Patrol. There, she has her first encounter with Jake where he was near to falling off the snow cliff and Everest saved him. Jake then told her about the Paw Patrol team and during a camping trip, Ryder made Everest a member of the Paw Patrol Team.

Is Siberian Husky a right type of dog for Everest?

There’s no doubt that Everest resembles a Siberian husky with her furry hairs on her body and tail. She also lives in cold climates and can thrive in such condition. Indeed Siberian Husky is a right type of dog for Everest.