What Kind of Dog is Rubble from Paw Patrol?

Rubble is a male dog character and the 6th member to appear in the popular children animation series Paw Patrol, alongside with other main characters like Zuma, Chase and Skye. He focuses on construction-related work like fixing railroad tracks as well as carrying supplies to repair buildings that have been damaged. So what kind of dog is Rubble from Paw Patrol?

What kind of dog is Rubble from Paw Patrol?

Rubble is a puppy of the English Bulldog breed. His fur is brown and he has a white belly. Almost his entire face is made up of white fur. His eyes are a bright brown color, and his tail is very small.

Characteristics of the breed of dog

It is characteristic of bulldogs to have wide heads and shoulders as well as a pronounced protruded jaw bones. Their brows are usually  thickly wrinkled. They have round, black eyes that are widely spaced. This dog has a short muzzle with an upward pointing rope or nose roll. The skin under the neck hangs loosely. The lips are drooping, the teeth are pointed, and the jaw is upturned. It has a short, flat, sleek coat. They have a short, straight tail that is either screwed or thin

This breed of dog has a kind, resolute, disposition. Most of them are friendly, patient, yet stubborn by nature. Bulldogs are known for forming strong bonds with children, making them excellent family pets. The bulldog can get along pretty well with small children, other pets, and other dogs in general.

More on the story of Rubble in the TV series

In the TV series, Rubble plays the role of the construction puppy. It was also revealed that he is 5-year-old, making him the youngest team member in Paw Patrol. His hardhat is yellow, which is commonly used for construction safety. The yellow bulldozer that he usually uses is geared up with a crane, but sometimes it is equipped with a jackhammer or excavator.

Rubble is exceptionally good at digging. Additionally, he is an excellent skater and snowboarder, and always hopes he can be chosen for missions requiring these skills.

Rubble is actually quite the opposite of the tough exterior he gives off. It’s not uncommon for him to get emotional, and he’s very kind to small animals, particularly kittens. In addition to calling small animals cute names, he loves laughing and is rather playful. His appetite is also quite large. Upon asking about his phobias, he revealed that he has arachnophobia, or a fear of spiders.

Rubble lived on his own before he joined the PAW Patrol team. He first encountered the PAW Patrol was when he was a puppy. Chase’s net saved Rubble after he became entangled in a tree branch which was hang over the ocean. Then Rubble slipped into Chase’s vehicle which was heading for a mission. Ruble demonstrated his digging skills during this mission when he dug his way out of hard snow boulders to free Jake. Ryder later announced that he had been selected to join the PAW Patrol as the Construction Pup!

Is the English Bulldog the right type of dog for Rubble?

In the TV series, Rubble is portrayed to be tough on the exterior but he has his soft side too. He loves small animal and also very kind. Indeed English bulldog is the right type of dog for Ruble.