What Kind of Dog is Chase from Paw Patrol?

Chase plays a police dog in the PAW Patrol CGI, action-adventure TV series for children. This series is about a tech savvy Ryder and his 12 heroic puppies such as Rocky, Zuma and Skye who carry out dangerous rescue missions in a mission to protect the community of Adventure Bay. Although Chase may not be at his best all the time, he is a leader who takes patrol very seriously. So what kind of dog is Chase from Paw Patrol?

What kind of dog is Chase from Paw Patrol?

Chase is a puppy of the German shepherd breed. His body has brown fur, and his face and paws have lighter brown/tan fur. His tail is long like a beaver’s tail.

Characteristics of this breed of dog

The German Shepherd dog breed originated in Germany. Their forehead is domed, their muzzle is long and square-shaped with strong jaws, and their nose is black. They have medium-sized brown eyes. It has large, erect ears that stand parallel and open at the front, yet they are often pulled back as it moves. The German Shepherd possesses a long neck that is raised when it is excited and lowered when it is running quickly or stalking. Their tails are bushy and reach the hock. There are two coats on German Shepherds: a dense outer coat, as well as a thick undercoat.

German Shepherds are considered to be moderately active dogs that are self assured according to breed standards. They are characterized by their strong willingness to learn and a desire to serve. The dogs are curious, making them great guard dogs as well as suitable search dogs. If they are not socialized correctly, they may become overprotective of their families and lands. This prevents them from developing friendships easily with strangers. The breed is highly intelligent and obedient, and it is also protective of its owners.

More on the story of Chase in the TV series

As a leader, Chase enjoys taking charge of situations. As a primary responsibility, he directs/warns the traffic when a crisis happens. He also tracks missing animals, people, and objects using his spy gadgets.

When he is taking off from his missions, he can be quite playful. Marshall and he are best friends, and they like to compete with each other for fun. Marshall’s immaturity, however, can annoy him. He has a very emotional side that he displays during missions, but he quickly hides it by looking resilient. He is very caring toward the other puppies, whimpering when bad things happen despite his serious nature.

When Chase was younger, he was very different from who he is today, having lived on the streets in Adventure City in a harsher period. Then, Chase was more skittish in nature and often likes to hide. But that changes when Ryder ropes Chase into the Paw Patrol team. And because of his past in Adventure City, he has a strong reluctance to go back there and actually froze up in there mission there. But luckily, he rose to the occasion when Ryder was in danger.

Is German Sheperd the right type of dog for Chase?

Chase has the characteristics of a german sheperd in terms of look. He is also seen as very smart in the TV series. More obviously, he shows the loyalty and protective nature of the german shepherd to protect his owner Ryder in the Adventure City mission, even when he is frightened. Indeed, german sheperd is the right kind of dog for Chase.