What Kind Of Dog Is Rooster from Secret Life Of Pets?

Rooster plays a major role in The Secret Life of Pets 2 which is a computer-animated comedy film in America in year 2019. Rooster is seen as being emotionless and lacking expression throughout the movie. However, it is evident that he is frightened when Max tries to rescue Cotton. When Max and Duke are leaving the farm, it is apparent that Rooster is sad. So, what kind of dog is Rooster in the secret of life of pets?

What kind of dog is rooster in the secret of life of pets?

Rooster is mentioned to be a farm dog taking care of sheep in the synopsis, however, the dog breed wasn’t stated. According to some sources, Rooster is said to be a Welsh sheepdog.

Characteristics of this breed of dog

Welsh Sheepdogs are considered primarily herding dogs due to their natural ability to manage large packs of sheep or cattle. They are often loose-eyed and do not fix their gaze on their stock. Despite this, they are capable of working independently without direct human supervision. Though Welsh Sheepdogs are mostly used for herding sheep, they are also well-suited to working horses and pigs too.

The build, colour, and size of Welsh Sheepdogs vary somewhat. Wales Sheepdogs are almost always black-and-white, red-and-white, or tricolored, and they may also have merle markings. Generally, they have pricked ears which are folded at the tip, and their coat can be short or long. In comparison with the Border Collie, Welsh Sheepdogs have longer legs, have a broader chest, and a wider muzzle. They need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation, as they are very active and intelligent.

More on Rooster in the movie

As the farm dog, Rooster stayed in the farm. A farm rooster was not available, so Rooster, as the name suggests, replaced the farm rooster. The Rooster first appears in a pickup truck where he howls at the turkey after he sees Max being chased by one. The turkey stops after being intimidated by him. As Max searches for a spot to sleep, he is chased by a fox. With Rooster’s help, the fox is chased away.

The following day, Max was reading to Liam the story of Little Red Riding Hood and make up the ending. However, Rooster broke the lie and reveals the real ending to Liam. In the afternoon, Max broke the sheep pen by accident and a young lamb named Cotton, escaped. Rooster got Max to join him to look for the sheep in the woods. And they found Cotton on a tree munching apples. As the tree can’t hold Rooster’s weight, he ordered Max to rescue Cotton instead. Though unwilling, Max rescued Cotton. In the evening, Max follows Rooster to a truck and told him that he’s leaving the farm the next day. But Rooster started howling and started explaining to Max that dogs like to howl in the countryside. He then invited Max to howl as well and when Max could only make a weak howl, Rooster taught him the trick to do it loud.

Next morning, when Max and Duke are getting in the car to head home, Rooster gives his bandanna to Max. Duke says goodbye to Max, and Max thanks him. However, Rooster finds it difficult to say goodbye.

Is this type of dog right for Rooster?

Rooster does have a resemblance to the traits of a welsh sheep dog in terms of appearance, with the pricked ears. Rooster also acts like a typically sheep dog and was seen as the boss throughout the movie. Indeed, Welsh sheepdog is the right kind of dog for Rooster.