What kind of dog was Spuds Mackenzie?

If you are born in the 70s – 80s, you will probably have seen Spuds MacKenzie. So who is Spuds? It’s a fictional dog mascot appearing in the advertisement of a long running marketing campaign for Bud Light beer in late 1980s. So what kind of dog is Spuds Mackenzie?

What kind of dog is Spuds Mackenzie?

Spuds Mackenzie is a bull terrier dog breed. And the dog used in the advertisement was a female bull terrier. Her name was Evie, the short form for Honey Tree Evil Eye.

Other Appearances for This Type of Dog In the Big Screen

This terrier dog seems to be very cute with its round body and egg-like head. Perhaps that’s why they have quite a few appearances on the big screen. This include the chico from next friday, Petey from the Little Rascals and Max from Secret life of Pets.

Is the Bull Terrier in The Bud Light Advertisement a female or male?

Although Evie was a female, the bull terrier in the Bud Light ad campaign was portrayed as a male dog. However, it was only when Spud become famous, that fans start to learn about her real gender.

More about Spuds Mackenzie’s story

She was born on 7 Oct 1983 in Woodstock Illinosis and lived in North Riverside Illinosis. She passed away at the age of 10 in 31 May 1993 due to kidney failure.

The idea of using Spud Mackenzie as a mascot in the campaign was mooted by Jon Moore, an art director from a Chicago ad agency. Spuds first ad appearance for Bud Light was in the Super Bowl XXI in 1987. She was then retired in 1989 as the mascot when her fame seems to eclipse the product.

What are the traits of this breed of dog for Spuds Mackenzie?

The Bull Terrier belongs to the terrier family of dogs. Bull Terriers have a unique head shape that is described as having an egg-like appearance. Their skulls appear almost flat when viewed from the front. The profile curves gently downward at the top of the skull until it reaches the tip of the nose, and then curves downward with well-developed nostrils. It also has a sharp, black tip on the nose and a powerful jawline. They have small, dark-colored eyes that are triangular and deep-set which no other dog breed has. They have strong, muscular shoulders and round bodies. Their tails hang horizontally. The colors of these dogs may be white, fawn, black, red, brindle, or a combination.

Inexperienced pet owners should avoid Bull Terriers due to their independence and stubbornness. Bull Terriers are amenable to training and have a calm temperament. Despite their sometimes stubborn nature, they are excellent with people.

The dog will develop a good relationship with other dogs and animals when socialized from an early age. It is a dog that loves children, who is brave, full of spirit, and has a fun-loving attitude.