What Kind of Dog is Gidget From Secret Of Life Of Pets?

Gidget plays one of the main roles in The Secret Life of Pets, which is a computer-animated comedy adventure movie created in America by Illumination Entertainment in 2016. Gidget is very bubbly, and tries hard not to affect anyone negatively. The character is shown to be very loving and caring for Max and other people, even if she can sometimes be very tough. So what kind of dog is Gidget in Secret Life of Pets?

What kind of dog is Gidget in Secret Life of Pets?

Gidget is a white Pomeranian. This is clearly stated in the synopsis. Small pink ears, short stubby feet, and large blue eyes make her stand out from other dogs.

Characteristics of this breed of dog

Despite their size, Pomeranians are a sturdy breed with a highly plumed, flat-topped tail and an abundant, textured coat. A ruff of fur forms on the neck of the Pomeranians. In addition, their hindquarters are covered in feathery hair.

A pomeranian’s double coat is thick. In spite of its relatively easy care, breeders recommend grooming the coat daily in order to maintain its quality, as well as to keep it trimmed every 1–2 months due to its thickness and constant shedding. Under the long, straight, rough outer coat is a soft, thick, short undercoat. The undercoat sheds twice every year, which causes the coat to knot and tangle easily.

It is common for Pomeranians to be cheerful, lively, and playful. When proving their superiority to other dogs and humans, they may act aggressively. Pomeranians are extremely sensitive and alert to changes in their environment. And they can barking excessively at new stimuli which can become a habit if it is done too often. Their territorial instincts might lead them to bark when they hear a noise outside. They are smart dogs who are easy to train. They also have an outstanding ability to get their owners to give them what they want. Their extroverted nature and love of attention makes them a very popular pet. If not properly trained and socialized, they can become domineering, willful, and stubborn. Using toys to train your Pomeranian to spend time alone can be effective.

Story of Gidget in The Movie

Gidget lives with her owners in a New York apartment, where she has a secret crush on her neighbor’s dog Max, whom she watches avidly from the window of her apartment. One autumn day, Max and Duke go for a walk with dogs from other other apartments. And they got captured by the Animal Control officer stationed at the street opposite to Gidget’s window.

Gidget meets a hawk named Tiberius on the roof of her apartment and asks him to find Max. She forms a rescue team in her apartment with all the animals in the block. The apartment animals and Gidget search for a dog, Pops, who lives in the city and is very knowledgeable of the city, to help them find Max.

They travel through Manhattan’s alleyways and reach the sewer system. There, Gidget and team met Snowball and his buddies who already had conflicts with Max and Duke earlier. After knowing that Gidget knows Max, Snowball and his gang chased after them. After escaping from the sewer with her team, Gidget recommits to the rescue plan.

Subsequently, Max teamed up with Snowball to save Duke from the truck. But the truck went off the bridge and Snowball’s gang misunderstood and attacked Max when they saw Max pulling Snowball out of the truck. Here, Gidget comes and defeats Snowball’s gang. While she was doing so, Max was mesmerized by Gidget’s moves and the movie went into slow-motion. This is when Max starts falling in love with Gidget.

On the same night, Max confesses to Gidget that he has fallen in love with her after he saw the way Gidget fought to defend him earlier after he and Snowball successfully saved Duke. He apologises for not having noticed her before this. Gidget licks Max in joy.

Is Pomeranian the right type of dog for Gidget?

Appearancewise, Gidget is surely as lovely as a Pomeranian with her small pink ears, short stubby feet, and large blue eyes. She also shows the friendly and cheerful disposition of a Pomeranian in the movie. And she really showed the fighter in her when defending her love. Indeed, Pomeranian is the right type of dog for Gidget.