What Kind of Dog is Jock from Lady and The Tramp?

Jock is a male dog character in the famous Disney movie Lady and The Tramp. Lady and the Tramp is a Walt Disney animation production in 1955 which is a film about musical romance. Many years later in 2001, a sequel Lady and the Tramp II was produced which is about Scamp’s Adventure. Jock appears in both the original and remake films. So what kind of dog is Jock from Lady and The Tramp?

What kind of dog is Jock from Lady and The Tramp?

Jock is a Scottish Terrier dog breed who speaks with Scottish accent in the movie. He has a short body which slender gray fur. He also has black eyes with thick gray eyebrows and sports a grey beard. He is seen wearing a red collar with a gold license and subsequently wore a plaid sweater.

What are the characteristics of this breed of dog for Jock?

This Scottish Terrier dog breed is a highland breed of dog originating from Scotland and is commonly known as the Scottie. Scotch Terriers are small and compact in size but has a sturdy built with good bones. Their legs are short. Their fur is hard, wiry, and weather-resistant, and their body is thick and cobby, set upon short, heavy legs. In addition to these characteristics, the breed is also known for its piercing, “varminty” or weasel-like expression, and its erect ears and tail. They have small almond-shaped eyes with a bright and piercing gaze. They also have small pointed ears and sport short silky hair on their head.

These terriers are feisty, alert, quick and territorial. It has been nicknamed ‘Diehard’ for its rugged nature and unchanging determination, as well as being independently confident, playful, and intelligent. As a watchdog, the Scottish Terrier is an excellent choice because it barks only when necessary and is usually reserved with strangers.. They are fearless dogs that may have aggressive tendencies towards other unfamiliar dogs.

More on the story of Jock

Jock is Lady’s neighbor and friend. Even though he is the smallest of Lady’s friends, Jock can be an aggressive dog. Nevertheless, he really cares about the ones he loves and he consistently demonstrated this. In terms of his feelings for Lady and Trusty, who are both his neighbors, he treats them as if they were part of his family. For example, he frequently praises Lady for her accomplishments and even mentors her in many ways.

Jock may be small in size but he is fearless when it comes to protect his loved ones. We see this when he makes threats to a dog Tramp who is two times bigger than him, in an attempt to stop Tramp from harassing Lady. He was also seen to go all the way to intercept the wagon to save Tramp.

Other Trivias of Jock

Who voices Jock In Lady And The Tramp?

The voice of Jock in the original film Lady and the tramp was voiced by famous voice actor Bill Thompson. In the sequel, Jeff Benett voices Jock in Lady and The Tramp.

Is Scottish Terrier the right type of dog for Jock?

Appearance wise, there’s no mistake Jock matches that of a Scottish Terrier. His accent certainly confirms that the breed is a scottish one. More importantly, Jock manifests the personality of a Scottish Terrier very well. He is too very fearless even when it means going against someone much bigger and stronger than him. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter what type of dog is Jock. His personality is all that makes him popular and left a deep impression amongst many.