What kind of dog is Chico from Next Friday?

Chico is the dog character in the box office hit comedy film Next Friday in 2000. This film is a sequel to an earlier film Friday in 1995. His exposure in the film was rather short but nevertheless play a critical role in the development of the story. So what kind of dog is Chico from Next Friday?

What kind of dog is Chico from Next Friday?

Chico is of the bull terrier dog breed. This is also the dog breed for Petey from the Little Rascals.

What are the traits of this breed of dog for Chico?

Bull Terriers are part of the terrier family of dogs. There is something particularly distinctive about the Bull Terrier’s head, which is described as having an egg-shaped shape. A frontal view of the skull shows that the top is almost flat. At the top of its skull, the profile curves downwards gently until it reaches the tip of its nose, and curved downwards, with well developed nostrils. It also has a black nose tip and deep, powerful jaws. They have small, deep-set triangular eyes that are dark in color. There is no other breed of dog with such triangular eyes. Their bodies are round and full, with strong and muscular shoulders. Their tails are carried horizontally. They come in white, fawn, black, red, brindle, or combinations of these colors

Because of their independence and stubbornness, Bull Terriers are not recommended for inexperienced pet owners. Bull Terriers have a calm temperament and are amenable to training. They are excellent with people, although they can be stubborn at times. By socializing the dog at an early age, the dog will grow up to get along with other animals and dogs. They have a fun-loving attitude, are brave, full of spirit, a dog that loves children, and are the perfect family member.

More on Chico’s role in the Next Friday movie

The Joker brothers are the owner of Chico and they sent him to bite anyone who looks at their sister Karla. There’s this guy Craig who is able to fends off Chico’s attacks with his father’s technique. And this angers Joker.

Afterwards, Craig, Day Day, and Roach will steal the hydraulic pump in order to find out what is inside. In the meantime, Roach distracts Chico with bologna. However, he soons runs out of Bologna and turn to using his drug brownie. This got Chico very high and he eventually lies down. In a drugged semi-conscious form, Chico become friends with Roach. And he even rescue Craig as well as Day and Roach towards the end of the film when he bite Deebo’s right arm to stop him from killing them. Chico’s last appearance in the movie was when Roach carries him out of Day-Day’s home.

Is Bull Terrier the right type of dog for Chico?

Chico surely shows the brave side of the Bull Terrier when he fought Deebo in an attempt to save Craig and gang from Deebo. But it doesn’t matter what type of dog is Chico. At the end of the day, he is the cute and strong charactered dog that left an impression with many fans.