What Kind of Dog is Brian Griffin from Family Guy?

Brian Griffin is a 8 year old dog character in the high rated adult animation sitcom series Family Guy produced in America, that is over 20 seasons long and was started in 1999 and still running now. The show revolves around the Griffin family and the dog Brian. So what kind of dog is Brian Griffin from Family Guy?

What kind of dog is Brian Griffin from Family Guy?

Brian Griffin is a Labrador. He has a white body and a long white snout with a black nose. This bears resemblance to the famous Snoopy and some fans remarked that it looks like the real life beagle which is the dog breed for Snoopy. Being the anthropomorphic character he is, he is able to stand on his hind legs, using his front legs for arms. He is seen wearing a red collar on his neck which has a circular golden tag on it.

What are the traits for this breed of dog for Brian Griffin?

Labradors are a dog breed of medium-large size with a muscular body. They have short and dense coat which is water resistant. They have broad head and pronounced eyebrows. Their eyes are brown and hazel with a kind look. Their ears hang closely to the head, above the eye level.

Dogs of this breed are known for their even temperament and are thought to make excellent family dogs. And they get along well with children and other animals. These animals are extremely fast and athletic. It may be necessary to train and handle them intelligently at times because of their lack of fear and fun-loving boisterousness.

The Labrador is a powerful and indefatigable swimmer well known for his ability to endure even very cold waters for long periods. They are also a great help to hunters for their ability to quietly watch birds shot down and retrieve their body using their great sense of smell.

More on the story of Brian Griffin

Since Peter Griffin picked up Brian Griffin as a stray puppy, he’s lived with the Griffins. As well as being anthropomorphic, he is intelligent, able to drive a car and walk on two legs. He is also very witty. Even though Brian is far more intelligent than Peter, he treats Peter as his best friend. Brian has been asked to explain several times on Peter’s inability to do certain tasks. This include haggling over prices. It is obvious that Brian is highly intelligent, enjoying works of art like Carmen and Fyodor Dostoyevsky. As a stock market investor, he invests heavily, and he collects first editions of literature classics.

Brian is very cultured. Besides opera and jazz, he enjoys John Coltrane’s music. He is also great with languages with fluency in French and Tagalog and is also proficient in Spanish. Furthermore, he is a MENSA member. Imitating a barbershop quartet and without accompaniment is one of his favorite things to do. He is also a writer and once wrote for The New Yorker. But the magazine fired him after discovering he was not a college graduate.

In addition to smoking and drinking, he is a cocaine addict who has recovered. He saw a therapist for this reason and discovered that his cocaine addiction was the result of his mother abandoning him. Born in Austin, Texas, as the youngest puppy in a litter of five, Brian grew up in a farm. Biscuit was his mother, Coco his father. His personal troubles seem to have been caused by his mother abandoning him. Although Brian is an anthropomorphic dog, he shares certain traits and flaws with real dogs. It cleans itself with its tongue and scratches with its hind leg, for example.

Popular quotes from Brian Griffin

The most popular quote from brian griffin has to be this one. “Whose leg do you have to hump to get a dry martini around here?”

Is Labrador the right type of dog for Brian Griffin?

Brian Griffin has the same long snout and black nose and very similar ears. However, there are not many other similarities since he is portrayed like a human character in the series. Nevertheless, it doesn’t really matter what type of dog is Brian Griffin. He is just the star in the Family Guy!