38 Dog Breeds That Start With L [Complete List]

Are you searching for dog breeds that have names starting with L alphabet? We have compiled a list of dog breeds that start with L in this post.

Dog Breeds That Start With L at a glance

There are quite a number of dog breed names that have the letter L at the start of their names. In total, there are 38 of them including the popular Labrador Retriever. Here  are the dog breeds that begin with l:

  • Labrador Retriever
  • Labradoodle
  • Leonberger
  • Lawerack  (AKA English Setter)
  • Lassie Dog (AKA Rough Collie)
  • Laekenois (AKA Belgian Shepherd)
  • Loulou Finoiss (AKA Finnish Spitz)
  • Little Red Duck Dog (AKA Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)
  • Lesser Newfoundland (AKA St. John’s Water Dog)
  • Little Brown Dog (AKA Boykin Spaniel)
  • Lakeland Terrier
  • Lhasa Apso
  • Lurcher
  • Landseer Dog
  • Löwchen
  • Lancashire Heeler
  • Lagotto Romagnolo
  • Large Münsterländer
  • Longdog
  • Lapponian Herder
  • Lithuanian Hound
  • Levriero Sardo
  • Lucas Terrier
  • Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog (AKA Catahoula Leopard Dog)
  • Lundehund (AKA Norwegian Lundehund)
  • Labri (AKA Pyrenean Sheepdog)
  • Lakeland Terrier (AKA Fell Terrier)
  • Large Vendéen Griffon (AKA Grand Griffon Vendéen)
  • Lacy Cur (AKA Blue Lacy)
  • Länder (AKA Kromfohrländer)
  • Ladykirk Spaniel (AKA Tweed Water Spaniel)
  • Luffy (AKA Spanish Water Dog)
  • Laĭka (AKA Russo-european Laika)
  • Leopard Carriage Dog (AKA Dalmatian)
  • Little Blacks (AKA Stephens Stock)
  • Leonese Sheepdog (AKA Carea Leonés)
  • Laïka De Iakoutie (AKA Yakutian Laika)
  • Longdog Of The Prairie & American Lurcher (AKA American Staghound)

More on Dog Breeds Starting With L

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are retriever-gun dogs from United Kingdom that are descended from Canadian fishing dogs. Among its ancestors was a breed of dog used in Newfoundland to help with bringing in fishing nets and capturing escaped fish. Labradors are amongst the most popular breeds of dog in numerous countries throughout the world, especially in the West.


Labradoodle is created by cross-breeding Labrador Retriever with a poodle. Many Labradoodles have a hypoallergenic coat just like their poodle ancestors, making them a suitable choice for allergy sufferers.


Leonbergers are a dog breed named after Leonberg town in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The breed has a thick double coat. Leonbergers have a strong, healthy body type and a medium temperament.

Lawerack Laverack (AKA English Setter)

English Setter is a small, sturdy gun dog with a mischievous side, bred for endurance and athleticism in equal measure. It is used for hunting quail, pheasants, grouse, and other game.

Lassie Dog (AKA Rough Collie)

Lassie Dog is medium to large in size and has a long coat. They originated from Scotland where they were bred to herd sheep.

Loulou Finoiss (AKA Finnish Spitz)

Loulou Finoiss originated from Finland. Breeders bred the breed to hunt a variety of game, from squirrels to bears. They serve as a “bark pointer”, which barks to identify the game’s position, and to attract the animal’s attention, making it easier for the hunter to approach.

Little Red Duck Dog (AKA Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers are a type of gundogs and are medium in size. They are bred primarily for hunting. The name “toller” comes from their ability to get these waterfowl into gun range.

Little Brown Dog (AKA Boykin Spaniel)

This dog breed is medium in size and belongs to the Spaniel family. It is bred to hunt wild turkey and ducks found in South Carolina, United States.

Lakeland Terrier

Lakeland Terrier originated from Lake District, England. This is a hypo allergenic breed.. The dog is good at covering ground without much effort and a lot of speed. This breed of dogs is friendly, confident, and bold. When their level of interest is aroused, Lakelands can demonstrate “selective deafness.”

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apsos are non-sporting dogs from Tibet. Traditionally they are used as interior guard dogs. Apso is claimed to be an anglicized version of the Tibetan word for goatee.


Lurchers are crossbred dogs, created by mating sighthounds and other dogs, most often herding dogs and terriers. Lurchers have historically been poachers’ dogs, but now they are popular pet, hunting, and racing dogs.

Lancashire Heeler

Lancashire Heeler is small in size. It is bred to drive and herd cattle. Its coat color is typically black and tan although there are also liver and tan versions. No one know where they originated from. But it is believed that they descended from Welsh Corgi.

Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto Romagnolo originated from the marshlands in Delta del Po which is found in Romagna, Italy. It got its name from the word Romagnol can lagòt which means “water dog”. Traditionally, they are bred as a gun dog and a water retriever.

Large Münsterländer

It originates from the Münster region and is a breed of German gun dog. The first breed club was created in 1919 in Germany, and the Kennel Club of the United Kingdom recognized the breed in 1971.