52 Dog Breeds That Start With T [Complete List]

Are you searching for dog breeds that have names starting with T alphabet? We have compiled a list of dog breeds that start with T in this post.

Dog Breeds That Start With T at a glance

In total, there are 52 dog breeds with names beginning with the letter T. Here are the dog breeds that begin with t:

  • Tumbleweed (AKA Pomeranian Dog)
  • Trobojac (AKA Serbian Tricolour Hound)
  • Tervuren (AKA Belgian Shepherd)
  • Toy Fox Terrier
  • Tenterfield Terrier
  • Toy Fox Terrier (AKA Miniature Fox Terrier)
  • Toy Manchester Terrier
  • Toy Bulldog
  • Tornjak
  • Toller (AKA Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)
  • Tibetan Mastiff
  • Tchornyi Terrier (AKA Black Russian Terrier)
  • Tibetan Spaniel
  • Teddy Roosevelt Terrier
  • Toy Spaniel Charlies (AKA King Charles Spaniel)
  • Thai Bangkaew Dog
  • Tibetan Terrier
  • Tosa
  • Treeing Walker Coonhound
  • Tswana Dog (AKA Africanis)
  • Thai Ridgeback
  • Terrier Brasileiro (AKA Brazilian Terrier)
  • Tatra Shepherd Dog
  • Tora Dog (AKA Kai Ken)
  • Texas Blue Lacy (AKA Blue Lacy)
  • Tweed Water Spaniel
  • Treeing Feist
  • Tahltan Bear Dog
  • Tyrolean Hound
  • Taiwan Dog
  • Tamaskan Dog (AKA Northern Inuit Dog)
  • Transylvanian Hound
  • Taigan
  • Tatransky Cuvac (AKA Slovak Cuvac)
  • Treeing Cur
  • Telomian
  • Trap Line Dog (AKA Hare Indian Dog)
  • Toy Trawler Spaniel
  • Treeing Tennessee Brindle
  • Terceira Cattle Dog (AKA Barbado Da Terceira)
  • Transmontano Mastiff (AKA Cão De Gado Transmontano)
  • Tora Inu (AKA Ryukyu Inu)
  • Tazy

More on Dog Breeds Starting With T

Tumbleweed (AKA Pomeranian Dog)

Tumbleweed is also called Pomeranians. These are Spitz-type dogs whose name pertains to the Pomerania region of northeast Germany and northwest Poland. The breed was popularized by its royal owners starting in the 18th century. By 2017, this breed is ranked in the top fifty as the most popular breeds of US.

Trobojac (AKA Serbian Tricolour Hound)

Trobojac are medium-sized scenthounds that have been bred to hunt game without a leash. They are used for feral pigs, wild boars, as well as hares and foxes.

Tervuren (AKA Belgian Shepherd)

Tervuren is a herding dog breed from Belgium and is medium in size. This breed is bred in 4 distinct types depending on the type and color of their coat type.

Toy Fox Terrier

Toy Fox Terriers are small, terrier-type dogs which are directly related to Smooth Fox Terriers. They have been recognized as their own breed since 1936 in the USA. These dogs are characterized by their short glossy white coat, large eyes, V-shaped ears and a short upright tail.

Tenterfield Terrier

Tenterfield Terrier is an Australian breed of dog. Dogs of this breed are strong, active, and agile, and have a short coat that makes them easy to care for. It is believed that the dog was brought to Australia by early European settlers from Portsmouth, England.

Toy Fox Terrier (AKA Miniature Fox Terrier)

Fox Terriers are small and lightweight terriers developed as hunting dogs and vermin routers. This dog is a well-balanced, well-muscled breed of dog. It has a small head and pointed ears..

Toy Manchester Terrier

Toy Manchester Terrier are small in size and has long legs. Its coat is short and has tan marking. They have long tails and pointed ears.

Toy Bulldog

Toy Bulldog were found in England from 18th to early 19th centuries. But it has now gone extinct.


The Tornjak is also called the Bosnian-Herzegovinian-Croatian Shepherd Dog. In local dialects, “Tornjak” refers to a sheep pen. They are a powerful, strong dog with a well-proportioned body and agile movements.

Toller (AKA Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)

Tomlers are medium-sized dogs bred for hunting. Tollers are named for the ability they have to draw waterfowl into range.

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan mastiffs are not true mastiffs, so the name is a misnomer. The Mastiff’s name was given by the Europeans, who used it to describe large dog breeds.

Tchornyi Terrier (AKA Black Russian Terrier)

Although it’s called a terrier, the Tchornyi is not a real terrier. This breed originated in former Soviet Union to serve as military dogs.

Tibetan Spaniel

Tibetan Spaniels are small, assertive dogs that originated in Tibet. This breed is not a Spaniel breed as suggested by the name. They are not bred like true spaniels as gun dogs. Instead, it is bred to be a companion dog. As the spaniel name implies, it is thought to be a result of its resemblance to lapdogs bred down from hunting spaniels, such as the Cavalier King Charles spaniel.

Teddy Roosevelt Terrier

Teddy Roosevelt Terrier are small to medium in size. They are terrier species from the United States. It is believed that they have descended from the terriers that came to the US with the early immigrants.

Toy Spaniel Charlies (AKA King Charles Spaniel)

Toy Spaniel Charlies is small in size and is a type of the spaniel. It is believed that they are from East Asia. They became popular after they were linked with King Charles II.

Thai Bangkaew Dog

This is a type of spitz dog and is medium in size. The dog is compact and square in shape. Thai Bangkaew Dogs are intelligent, loving, alert dogs that make excellent companions and working and hunting dogs as well as excellent family pets.

Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan Terrier originates from Tibet and is medium in size. Europe’s travelers gave the breed its English name because it resembled other known terrier breeds. But this breed is not related to terriers at all.


Tosa dogs are of Japanese descent and are considered rare. This breed was bred to be a fighting dog in Tosa in Shikoku. Currently, this is the only breed that is still used for dog fighting in Japan.

Treeing Walker Coonhound

Treeing Walker Coonhound is created in 19th century when the Tennessee Lead dog was crossed bred with the Walker Hound. United Kennel Club and American Kennel Club recognized it as a breed in 1945 and 2012 respectively.

Tswana Dog (AKA Africanis)

Tswana Dogs are a domesticated dog breed found in southern Africa. This breed is medium in size and has a light built with short coat.

Thai Ridgeback

Thai Ridgeback has a ridge of hair running along the back of its body in opposite direction from the rest of its coat. Till recently, the breed in Thailand has mostly reproduced by natural selection.

Terrier Brasileiro (AKA Brazilian Terrier)

The Brazilian Terrier was developed in Brazil. This is one of two indigenous breeds of Brazil. This breed is alert and intelligent, much like Jack Russell Terrier.

Tatra Shepherd Dog

Tatra Shepherd Dogs are a large breed of flock guardians from Poland. In 1963, it was formally recognized by the FCI

Tora Dog (AKA Kai Ken)

Tora Dog comes from Japan. This dog is medium in size and has a wedge shaped head with prick ears. They are alert, intelligent, and brave.

Texas Blue Lacy (AKA Blue Lacy)

This is a working dog breed that has its origins in Texas since mid-19th century. In 2005, it became the state dog of Texas.

Tweed Water Spaniel

Tweed Water Spaniels are an extinct breed of dogs. They are likely to have evolved from a cross between local water dogs and St. John water dogs which are also extinct.

Treeing Feist

Treeing Feist is a feist breed from the southeastern US. They are small, active, alert dogs. Their ears are usually pricked. Their short, dense coats come in a variety of colors, combinations of colors, and patterns.

Tahltan Bear Dog

It is believed that Tahltan Bear Dog first came to Canada during early migrations and adapted to the environment. These dogs were athletic and agile. They normally has a dark brown, black or blue colored coat. There are also white patches on their chest and underbelly.

Tyrolean Hound

Tyrolean Hounds, or Tyroler Brackes, originated in the 1800s and are a type of scent hound. Originally from Tyrol, it was bred as a snow-hunting dog. This hound was used by Emperor Maximilian I to hunt hares and foxes and to track wounded game.

Taiwan Dog

Taiwan Dogs are small to medium-sized dogs native to Taiwan. It’s known for its hopping ability, especially when it’s hunting animals like rats. Whenever they feel startled or want to intimidate someone, they will jump sideways back and forth.

Tamaskan Dog (AKA Northern Inuit Dog)

Tamaskan Dog was created in UK breeding project in 1980s. The project was meant to bred a wolf-like dog as companion dogs.

Transylvanian Hound

Transylvanian Hound is medium in size and is a scent hound. It is strong and has a black body with tan and white markings. At the peak of the breed’s popularity during the Middle Ages, the dog was favored by the Hungarian aristocracy for hunting various animals. As agriculture and forestry expanded, the breed shrank, and by 20th century it had nearly become extinct.


Taigan are found in Kyrgyzstan’s Tian Sha region, which is located on the Chinese border. Both Tazy and Afghan hound are closely related to them. This breed is well-known for its exceptional stamina at high altitudes.

Tatransky Cuvac (AKA Slovak Cuvac)

Tatransky Cuva comes from Slovakia. Dogs of this breed are well known for their hardy constitutions, sturdy frames, and shaggy white coats. These dogs are gentle and loyal toward their owners and their possessions and make excellent guard dogs.

Treeing Cur

Treeing Curs were originally bred in the midwestern United States. UKC recognised this breed in 1998. Treeing cur is a medium-sized dog known for its agility and speed in rough terrain. Their primary purpose is to hunt squirrels, raccoons, opossums, boars, mountain lions, bobcats, and bears.


Telomian lives in Malayan rainforests. Their coat is red or yellow, and they have erect ears and curly tails. They are well known for their climbing abilities.

Trap Line Dog (AKA Hare Indian Dog)

Trap Line Dog had short, slender bodies and small heads with narrow, pointed, and long muzzles. In times of pain or fear, it will howl like a wolf.

Toy Trawler Spaniel

Toy Trawler Spaniels are extinct breeds of Spaniels which are physically similar to King Charles Spaniels. The breed was originally bred as sporting dog, but they later became a toy dog.

Treeing Tennessee Brindle

This is a cur-type dog breed. Typically, this breed’s coat is either black with a brindle trim or short and soft in color.

Terceira Cattle Dog (AKA Barbado Da Terceira)

Terceira Cattle Dog is derived from numerous dogs that colonists and visitors introduced when they settled on the Azores in the 15th century. The dog was used as both guard dog and herding dog.

Transmontano Mastiff (AKA Cão De Gado Transmontano)

Transmontano Mastiffs are livestock guardians from Portugal. They are the largest breed in Portugal. The breed has a broad muzzle and large head with a powerful, muscular body.

Tora Inu (AKA Ryukyu Inu)

Dogs of the Ryukyu Inu breed originate from Okinawa in Japan. This is a rare breed and its numbers are dwindling. As of 2015, there were less than 400.


Tazy dogs are a type of sighthound hunting dogs native to Kazakhstan. The Tazy is one of the world’s oldest dog breeds, used primarily for hunting in Kazakhstan. As of right now, there are fewer than 300 purebred dogs in Kazakhstan, and the government is working to prevent the breed from becoming extinct.