40 Dog Breeds That Start With R [Complete List]

There are quite a number of dog breeds that have names beginning with the R alphabet. In this post, we have compiled a list of dog breeds that start with R .

Dog Breeds That Start With R at a glance

In total, there are 40 of them. Here are the dog breeds that begin with r:

  • Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Rottweiler
  • Rough Collie
  • Rat Terrier
  • Russian Spaniel
  • Russkiy Toy
  • Ryukyu Inu
  • Rawondu (AKA Azawakh)
  • Red Heeler (AKA Australian Cattle Dog)
  • Roseneath Terrier (AKA West Highland White Terrier)
  • Raner (AKA Weimaraner)
  • Rodbery Terrier (AKA Bedlington Terrier)
  • Red Setter Irish Red Setter (AKA Irish Setter)
  • Rigno (AKA Havanese Dog)
  • Rat Tail Spaniel (AKA Irish Water Spaniel)
  • Ruby Spaniel (AKA King Charles Spaniel)
  • Rajapalayam Dog
  • Redbone Coonhound
  • Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog
  • Rafeiro Do Alentejo
  • Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz
  • Rampur Greyhound
  • Russo-european Laika
  • Rastreador Brasileiro
  • Romanian Raven Shepherd Dog
  • Ratonero Valenciano
  • Russian Tracker
  • Ratonero Murciano
  • Red Fell Terrier (AKA Fell Terrier)
  • Russian Bear Schnauzer (AKA Giant Schnauzer)
  • Rough Coated Black And Tan Terrier (AKA Black And Tan Terrier)
  • Russian Greyhound (AKA Chortai)
  • Rough Coated Bohemian Pointer (AKA Český Fousek)
  • Reindeer Herder (AKA Lapponian Herder)
  • Romanian Bucovina Shepherd (AKA Bucovina Shepherd Dog)
  • Redtick Coonhound (AKA American English Coonhound)
  • Romanian Carpathian Shepherd (AKA Carpathian Shepherd Dog)
  • Rabo Torto (AKA Terceira Mastiff)
  • Rize Koyan (AKA Koyun Dog)
  • Ratonero Mallorquín (AKA Ca Rater Mallorquí)

More on Dog Breeds Starting With R

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are found in southern Africa and are large in size. Its ancestors can be traced back to the early cape colonists who crossed the Khoikhoi dogs with European dogs.


Rottweilers are a domestic dog that are medium-to-large in size. These dogs are primarily used for herding livestock. Their origins date back to the Roman period, when they were used for herding and driving purposes.

Rough Collie

Rough Collies (also known as Long Haired Collie dogs) are large dogs with long coats. Originally, it was bred and used in Scotland for herding sheep.

Rat Terrier

Rat Terriers are American breeds that were once used as farm dogs and hunting companions. Rat Terriers are now often kept as family pets as well as pest control dogs.

Russian Spaniel

Small and sturdy, the Russian Spaniel has a short, silky fur coat with feathering at its ears and on its legs. The dog is similar to Cocker Spaniel, though the coat is shorter and the body is longer. Specifically bred to be hunting dogs, they were used to find birds and fling them into the air, where it will then be retrieved by command after it has been shot by the hunter.

Russkiy Toy

Russkiy Toy is also called the Russian Toy. They are small in size and their original purpose was to be anti-rat and watch dogs. They are usually reserved with strangers, but are very loyal to their owners and will protect them at all costs.

Ryukyu Inu

Ryukyu Inu dogs are medium-sized dogs that are native to Okinawa, Japan. They are a rare breed and their numbers are dwindling. As of 2015, there were about 400 left.

Rawondu (AKA Azawakh)

Rawondu are West African dogs. They are bred in Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso in the Sahelian zone.

Red Heeler (AKA Australian Cattle Dog)

Red Heelers are medium-sized, short-haired dogs that come in two major colors. There are brown or black hairs that are spread evenly across its white coat, giving it the appearance of being a “blue” or “red” dog.

Roseneath Terrier (AKA West Highland White Terrier)

Roseneath Terriers are a breed of dogs native to Scotland, known for their white harsh coats. This terrier breed is medium in size, but it has long legs. In addition to being intelligent and quick to learn, this breed can be friendly to children.

Raner (AKA Weimaraner)

In the 19th century, Ramers were originally trained for hunting. When large game hunting became less popular, they were then used to hunt smaller animals such as foxes, fowl, rabbits

Rodbery Terrier (AKA Bedlington Terrier)

This small dog breed is named after Bedlington, Northumberland, which is a mining town in Northeast England. They were bred for hunting and have been used for dog racing, dog sports, and conformation shows.

Red Setter Irish (AKA Irish Setter)

The Red Setter Irish is a gundog breed and family dog. The coat is medium length, silky, and red or chestnut in color. Setters are active dogs who need long walks every day and plenty of open areas to run off-lead.

Rigno (AKA Havanese Dog)

Rigno is a type of bichon dog and is Cuba’s national dog. This breed was created from Blanquito de la Habana which is now extinct. It is a small and sturdy breed with a tail set high on its back.

Rat Tail Spaniel (AKA Irish Water Spaniel)

Rat Tail Spaniels are the tallest breed of spaniels. The coats of these dogs are densely curled and do not shed much. Unlike any other breed of dog, the color of this breed is liver/puce with a distinct purple hue.

Ruby Spaniel (AKA King Charles Spaniel)

Ruby Spaniels are small dog breeds and belong to the Spaniel family. It is believed that they have their origins in East Asia and were first found in Europe around the 16th century.

Rajapalayam Dog

Rajapalayams are a dog breed from southern India and is large in size. It was bred for hunting and guarding property.

Redbone Coonhound

Redbone Coonhounds are American hunting dogs. They are used for hunting raccoons, deer, bears, boars, cougars, and other large animals. Originally from the South of the United States, it is descended from foxhounds that Scottish immigrants bought with them.

Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog

It originates from the Carpathian Mountains in Romania as a large cattle guardian dog. Males are usually bigger than females. This breed is known for its discipline.

Rafeiro Do Alentejo

Rafeiros are Portuguese livestock guardians. Originally from the Alentejo region in southern Portugal, it gets its name from its origins there. FCI officially accepted it in 1954.

Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz

This is a terrier type of dog and originates from Spain. It’s name reflects its purpose: to hunt rats and mice found hidden between wine barrels in Andalusia. The breed is characterized by a triangular head and a semi-flat skull. They have an athletic build and are agile.

Rampur Greyhound

Rampur Greyhound originates from Rampur region in Northern India. This is a type of sight hound. Based on their present-day appearance, they are believed to be descendants of early Afghan Hounds

Russo-european Laika

Russo-European Laikas descended from Laika dogs of the Spitz type. It is believed that this breed started with a breeding program conducted by AURIHI, in Kalinin province, in 1944.

Rastreador Brasileiro

Rastreador Brasileiro are hunting dogs belonging to the scent hound family. They originate from Brazil and are large in size. And their coat is smooth and short.

Romanian Raven Shepherd Dog

Romanian Raven Shepherds are livestock guardians. Romanian Kennel Club recognized the dog in 2008. Known for their large size, strength, and robustness, this breed of dog is imposing.

Ratonero Valenciano

This breed was developed in the Valencia region of Spain, where it has traditionally been used to capture rats and other rodents. They are believed to have existed since the early 16th century.

Russian Tracker

Russian Tracker is also called the Russian Retriever. This is a large domestic dog breed which is now extinct. It was used by the Indo-Aryan people of the Caucasus Mountains for centuries to herd their flocks.

Ratonero Murciano

In the past, Ratonero Murciano was used to hunt mouse and rats in Murcia. Some believe they are descendants of dogs imported from Egypt by the Romans.

Russian Bear Schnauzer (AKA Giant Schnauzer)

Russian Bear Schnauzers were originally bred as farm dogs to guard properties and drive livestock to market. The dog was becoming popular in early 20th century, when it was used as a guard dog for factories, butcheries, breweries, and stockyards all over Bavaria. Outside of Bavaria, it was unknown. But it gained popularity after the 2 World Wars when it was used as a military dog.