Dog Breeds That Start With U [Complete List]

Are you searching for dog breeds that have names starting with U alphabet? We have compiled a list of dog breeds that start with U in this post.

Dog Breeds That Start With U at a glance

There are only 5 such breeds with names beginning with the letter U. Here are the dog breeds that begin with u.

  • Uskay (AKA Sloughi)
  • Ukrainian Ovcharka Yuzhak (AKA South Russian Ovcharka)
  • Utonagan (AKA Northern Inuit Dog)
  • Uruguayan Cimarrón (AKA Cimarrón Uruguayo)
  • Urrador (AKA Rastreador Brasileiro)

More on Dog Breeds Starting With U

Uskay (AKA Sloughi)

Uskays are a breed of North African dogs belonging to the sighthound family. It is known that Sloughis form extremely close bonds with their owners or family. Sloughis were bred for thousands of years to track game and, as a result, have an high prey drive. If they are socialized with other animals at an young age, they can get along well with cats and small dogs. Sloughi have been around in North Africa for centuries and are widely found in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya.

Ukrainian Ovcharka Yuzhak (AKA South Russian Ovcharka)

Ukrainian Ovcharka Yuzhak is also called Ukrainian Shepherd Dog or the South Russian Sheepdog. This is type of sheepdog with its origins in the Ukrainian steppes found between Azov Sea and Black Sea.

Utonagan (AKA Northern Inuit Dog)

Utonagan is created in a breeding project in UK in the 1980s. It is also the ancestor of the Tamaskan dog and British Timber dog. During the breeding program, the researchers hoped to breed wolves-like dogs to be companion dogs as well as for training for some other tasks.

Uruguayan Cimarrón (AKA Cimarrón Uruguayo)

Uruguayan Cimarrón comes from Uruguay and belongs to the molosser-type dog breed.. These dogs are large, muscular and compact in size. This is a very intelligent dog that can be used for many tasks, including rescue and herding. This breed was exported to the United States and is recognized by United Kennel Club under Guardian Dog group.

Urrador (AKA Rastreador Brasileiro)

Urrador, also known as Rastreador Brasileiro has its origin in Brazil. This dog breed are large in size. FCI was the first to classify it as a dog breed in 1967. Unfortunately the breed went extinct due to a disease outbreak.