11 Dog Breeds That Start With V [Complete List]

Are you searching for dog breeds that have names starting with V alphabet? We have compiled a list of dog breeds that start with V in this post.

11 Dog Breeds That Start With V at a glance

There are not many breeds with names beginning with the letter V. In total, there are only 11 of them. Here are the dog breeds that begin with v:

  • Vizsla
  • Västgötaspets ( AKA Swedish Vallhund )
  • Vlaamse Koehond ( AKA Bouvier Des Flandres )
  • Volpino Italiano
  • Vieräugl ( AKA Austrian Black And Tan Hound )
  • Virelade Hound ( AKA Gascon Saintongeois )
  • Vikhan
  • Vanchāri Hound ( AKA Banjara Hound )
  • Villano De Las Encartaciones
  • Villanuco De Las Encartaciones

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In Hungarian, Vizsla means “tracker” or “searcher”. The breed is distinguished by its short coat and excellent bearing as a hunting dog. Vizslas are natural hunters endowed with excellent noses and excellent trainability. While these dogs are lively, gentle, affectionate, and extremely sensitive, they are also fearless and possess an advanced protective instinct. The most common dogs mistaken for Vizslas are Weimaraners, Redbone Coonhounds, and Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Västgötaspets (AKA Swedish Vallhund)

Swedish Vallhund is also called Västgötaspets or Swedish cow dog. Dogs of this breed were originally bred to drive and herd cows over a thousand years ago. It nearly went extinct in 1942 but a combination of publicity efforts and careful breeding revived this breed. Breeders believe the breed may have influenced the modern breed of Welsh Corgi and Lancashire Heeler. It is thought to date back to Viking settlement in England.

Vlaamse Koehond (AKA Bouvier Des Flandres)

This breed has its origins in Flanders in Belgium, and is known for its herding abilities. In French, the breed is known as ‘Cow Herder of Flanders’, denoting its Flemish origins. Dogs of this type were originally used for farm work including driving cattle, herding sheep and cart pulling. Nowadays they are used as police dogs and guard dogs.

Volpino Italiano

Volpino Italiano dogs are of the Spitz type and are Italian in origin. Pomeranian and German Spitz are closely related to this dog. Volpino Italiano is small in size. The breed reached very low numbers by 1960s, and was on the brink of extinction.

Vieräugl (AKA Austrian Black And Tan Hound)

Austrian Black and Tan Hounds are breeds of dogs originally from Austria. It was used to track wounded game in high altitudes, primarily hare. As these dogs can run fast, they are also used in a variety of games. It is also a wonderful pet because of its sweet temperament.

Virelade Hound (AKA Gascon Saintongeois)

Gascon Saintongeois is a type of scent hound. There are 2 varieties for this breed, the larger Grand and the smaller Petit. The breed originated in France and is commonly used for pack hunting. Petit Gascon is an extremely versatile hunter, which is commonly used on rabbit and hare.


This breed of dog has its origins in the Pakistan and India and is often used as a livestock guardian. Vikhans have a light body frame and are very fast runners.

Vanchāri Hound (AKA Banjara Hound)

Vanchāri Hound is a type of scent hound and has its origins in India. Banjara Hounds have thick, rough coats, usually brindle or solid colored. They resemble large Salukis, and are noted for their strength and ability to pull down deer.

Villano De Las Encartaciones

Villano de Las Encartaciones originates from the Biscay Region in Spain. These dogs are traditionally used to manage cattle in the Cantabria and the Paìs Vasco.

Villanuco De Las Encartaciones

Villanuco De Las Encartaciones is an another dog breed from the Biscay region in Spain. This is a small dog breed belonging to the ratter type with fine and tight skin and a short coat.