23 Dog Breeds That Start With O [Complete List]

Are you searching for dog breeds that have names starting with O alphabet? We have compiled a list of dog breeds that start with O in this post.

Dog Breeds That Start With O at a glance

There are not many dog breeds with names beginning with the letter O. In total, there is 23 of them. And a number of them are actually already extinct. These are the dog breeds that begin with o:

  • Old English Sheepdog
  • Olde English Bulldogge
  • Oska (AKA Azawakh)
  • Old Southern White Bulldog (AKA American Bulldog)
  • Old English Terrier (AKA English White Terrier)
  • Otaheite Dog (AKA Tahitian Dog)
  • Okinawa Native Dog (AKA Ryukyu Inu)
  • Otterhound
  • Old Danish Pointer
  • Old English Bulldog
  • Old Croatian Sighthound
  • Old German Herding Dogs
  • Old Spanish Pointer
  • Old Farm Collie (AKA English Shepherd)
  • Oyuki Terrier (AKA Japanese Terrier)
  • Ormskirk Heeler (AKA Lancashire Heeler)
  • Old English Black And Tan Terrier (AKA Black And Tan Terrier)
  • Ogar Polski (AKA Polish Hound)
  • Österreichischer Kurzhaarpinscher (AKA Austrian Pinscher)
  • Otterhoun (AKA Wetterhoun)
  • Olper Bracke (AKA German Hound)
  • Ovelheiro Gaúcho (AKA Gaucho Sheepdog)
  • Ottos (AKA Alpha Blue Blood Bulldog)

More on Dog Breeds Starting With O

Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdogs are large dogs.They are characterized by their thick and long shaggy coat of grey and white colors and fur covering over their face and eyes. Breeders historically docked the tail, giving the breed a panda bear-like appearance. However, many countries today have outlawed docking and Old English sheepdogs with tailed tails have become relatively common.

Olde English Bulldogge

Olde English Bulldogges are a breed of American dogs. This is a muscular dog of medium size with great strength and agility. The breed was officially recognized by the UKC in 2014.

Oska (AKA Azawakh)

Azawakhs are dogs from West Africa. These species are raised in the Sahelian zones of Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso. The Sloughi is more closely related to them than the Saluki.

Old Southern White Bulldog (AKA American Bulldog)

Old Southern White Bulldog are large breeds of utility dogs. Their ancestors were Old English Bulldogs.These dogs are used to guard livestock, show dogs, and for dog sports. This breed is strong, stocky, muscular, with large head and well-developed muscles.

Old English Terrier (AKA English White Terrier)

Old English Terriers are extinct breeds of dogs. They’re also called English White Terriers. A few breeders were eager to create a new breed based on the prick-eared version of the small white working terrier in the early 1860s and so gave it the name “English White Terrier”

Otaheite Dog (AKA Tahitian Dog)

Originally from Tahiti and Society Islands, the Tahitie Dog is now extinct. During the migrations to Polynesia, Tahitian people’s ancestors brought it to Tahiti and Society Islands.

Okinawa Native Dog (AKA Ryukyu Inu)

Ryukyu Inu dogs are medium-sized dogs that are native to Okinawa, Japan. They are a rare breed and their numbers are dwindling. As of 2015, there were about 400 left.


Otterhounds are British dog breeds and are a species of scent hound. It is one of the most vulnerable native breeds recognized by Kennel Club, with about 600 of them worldwide. First records of Otterhounds that looked similar to the current breed come from England’s North West during early 19th century.

Old Danish Pointer

This breed originated in 17th century and is a descendant of the Spanish Pointer. The species name is not related to temperament, but rather for its ability to identify birds of Galliformes, especially those in a family called Phasianidae.

Old English Bulldog

Old English Bulldogs are no longer in existence. These dogs were muscular, broad, and compact. According to historians, Old English Bulldog could have descended from ancient war dogs, such as the Alaunt dog or the old mastiff

Old Croatian Sighthound

Old Croatian Sighthounds originate from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia, and are now extinct. A description of the Balkan breed has been found in writings from friars of the 13th to 14th centuries. The breed has a short coat of mostly white color with a few black, brown, red, or yellow spots.

Old Spanish Pointer

Old Spanish Pointer originated from Spain and has already gone extinct. Most pointing dogs are believed to have descended from it. It is a very hard-working animal with unfathomable agility that inexhaustibly runs from morning until night.

Old Farm Collie (AKA English Shepherd)

English Shepherds are herding dogs from the USA. The breed descended from several collies brought to America by British settlers. The English Shepherd’s ancestors were frequently used to herd sheep and cattle on farms throughout eastern US.

Oyuki Terrier (AKA Japanese Terrier)

Japanese Terriers are small terriers native to Japan. These dogs are believed to descend from fox terriers, pointers, and native Japanese dogs. Smooth Fox Terriers were crossed with small pointers or small Japanese native dogs during the 17th century to create this breed.

Ormskirk Heeler (AKA Lancashire Heeler)

Lancashire Heeler is a working dog breed of small size that was developed to be used as drovers and cattle herders. The dog breed has a coat color of black and tan. No one knows their origins. Nevertheless, Welsh Corgis may have been used for driving livestock from Wales to northwestern England.

Old English Black And Tan Terrier (AKA Black And Tan Terrier)

Black and Tan Terriers were amongst the earliest terrier breeds. Breeds such as the Fell Terrier and Welsh Terrier are thought to descend from it.

Ogar Polski (AKA Polish Hound)

It is a hunting dog that originated in Poland. It has an excellent sense of smell. The heightened sense, as well as its toughness and endurance in harsh environments, made it popular in hunting, while its stature made it a favorite of Polish nobility.

Österreichischer Kurzhaarpinscher  (AKA Austrian Pinscher)

Austrian Pinschers are pinscher-type dogs of medium size that come from Austria. Österreichischer Kurzhaarpinscher was its original name given in 1928. Breeders developed the breed by crossing German Pinschers with local dogs.

Otterhoun (AKA Wetterhoun)

Otterhouns were traditionally used as hunting dogs in the Dutch province of Friesland to hunt small mammals as well s waterfowl. Dutch Spaniel is also a name for the breed, although it does not belong to the Spaniel type. The breed’s origins may come from a mix of Gypsy dogs and an indigenous dog, probably the extinct Old Water Dog.