37 Dog Breeds That Start With H [Complete List]

When it comes to dog breeds that have names starting with H alphabet, we think of Husky. But are there other such breed names? How many are there in the world. We shall answer that in this post for dog breeds that start with H letter.

37 Dog Breeds That Start With H at a glance

There are quite a number of dog breed names beginning with H. Almost half of them are unofficial names for the dog breeds.  In total, we found 37 of them. These are the dog breeds that begin with h:

  • Havanese Dog
  • Hungarian Commonmop (AKA Komondor)
  • Husky (AKA Siberian Husky)
  • Hungarian Puli (AKA Puli Dog)
  • Hairy Mou’ed Collie (AKA Bearded Collie)
  • Hill Bulldog (AKA American Bulldog)
  • Hindlee Terrier (AKA Dandie Dinmont Terrier)
  • Heidewachtel (AKA Small Münsterländer)
  • Hallstrom’s Dog (AKA New Guinea Singing Dog)
  • Hungarian Herding Terrier (AKA Pumi Dog)
  • Hollandse Herdershond (AKA Dutch Shepherd)
  • Half-and-half (AKA Bull And Terrier)
  • Hrvatski Ovčar (AKA Croatian Sheepdog)
  • Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla (AKA Wirehaired Vizsla)
  • Harrier
  • Hamiltonstövare
  • Hovawart
  • Hanover Hound
  • Huntaway
  • Hokkaido
  • Hawaiian Poi Dog
  • Himalayan Sheepdog
  • Hygen Hound
  • Halden Hound
  • Hare Indian Dog
  • Halls Heeler
  • Hällefors Elkhound
  • Hierran Wolfdog
  • Hungarian Kuvasz (AKA Kuvasz)
  • Harmaa Norjanhirvikoira (AKA Norwegian Elkhound)
  • Hottentot Hunting Dog (AKA Africanis)
  • Hungarian Agar (AKA Magyar Agár)
  • Hungarian Hound (AKA Transylvanian Hound)
  • Hollandse Smoushond (AKA Dutch Smoushond)
  • Hessischen Rauhbart (AKA German Roughhaired Pointer)
  • Hellenic Hound (AKA Greek Harehound)
  • Haut-poitou (AKA Poitevin Hound)

More on Dog Breeds Starting With H

Havanese Dog

Havanese is a type of bichon dog and it is also Cuba’s national dog. This breed descended from  Blanquito de la Habana which is already extinct. This is a small dog breed. However, it has a sturdy built. Its tail is raised over its back and it has ears that drop down and fold. It also has a long and silk coat.

Hungarian Commonmop (AKA Komondor)

Hungarian Commonmop  is a livestock guardian dog and comes from Hungary. It is large in size and has a white color coat that is long and corded. This breed came to Hungary with the Cumans nomads in the 12th to 13th century.

Husky (AKA Siberian Husky)

Siberian Husky is a type of spitz dog breed. This dog is bred to pull sleds. This breed is medium in size and has a double coat that is covered with thick fur.

Hungarian Puli (AKA Puli Dog)

Hungarian Puli comes from Hungary. This breed is used to herd and guard livestock. It is small in size and has a long coat.  This breed is actually similar in appearance with the Komondor except that it is smaller in size.

Hairy Mou Ed Collie (AKA Bearded Collie)

Bearded Collie comes from Scotland. They are full of energy and are bred to herd sheeps

Hill Bulldog (AKA American Bulldog)

American Bulldog is a utility dog. Their ancestor is the Old English Bulldog. This breed is large in size and have a muscular body. Their head is large too. They are bred to look after animals on farms, compete in dog sports and for entertainment shows.

Hindlee Terrier (AKA Dandie Dinmont Terrier)

Hindlee Terrier comes from Scotland. This dog is a type of terrier dog and is small in size. It has a long body with short legs. It is characterized by a hair knot on its head.

Heidewachtel (AKA Small Münsterländer)

Heidewachtel  comes from Münster, Germany. This is a versatile dog breed that is used to hunt, point and retrieve.

Hallstrom’s dog (AKA New Guinea Singing Dog)

This breed comes from New Guinea and is an ancient dog breed. These dogs are known for their unique voice.

Hungarian Herding Terrier (AKA Pumi Dog)

Hungarian Herding Terrier comes from Hungary. This is a type of sheep dog and are medium in size. They are versatile and are used to gather, drive and control livestock. They are characterized by their long head, semi-erect ears and a tail that curls over their backs.

Hollandse Herdershond (AKA Dutch Shepherd)

Hollandse Herdershond  comes from Holland. They are bred to herd sheeps.

Half-and-half (AKA Bull And Terrier)

This dog breed is no longer in existence. Several modern breeds of terrier (such as Bull-type terriers) derive from this crossbreed.

Hrvatski Ovčar (AKA Croatian Sheepdog)

Dogs of the Hrvatski Ovčar breed have a low to medium height. They are black in color and there can be small white patches on their chest and toes. And they have a curled tail that raises over their back.

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla (AKA Wirehaired Vizsla)

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla comes from Hungary. This breed are known for their nose capability and are easy to train. They have a wiry coat which is weather resistant.


The Harrier is a type of hound dog and are medium in size. These dogs are bred to hunt hares. This breed looks like the English Foxhound. However, it is smaller in size.


The Hamiltonstövare is a type of hound used for hunting. This breed comes from Sweden and has a white blaze on its head, neck and paws.


Hovawart comes from Germany and is medium to large in size. Its name comes from the german words hova and wart which means yard  or farm watcher. Sadly, Hovawarts went into extinction in early 20th century.

Hanover Hound

Hanover Hound comes from France. They are a rare breed with ancestry in the bloodhounds from the medieval times.


Huntaway comes from New Zealand. They are large in size and have a strong built. Their use is to herd sheep.