49 Dog Breeds That Start With D [Complete List]

Several dog breeds spring up in our minds when we were asked for dog breeds that have names starting with D alphabet. We were curious how many there were. And we went in search for a full list. In this post, we have compiled a list of dog breeds that start with D letter.

49 Dog Breeds That Start With D at a glance

There are many dog breed names beginning with the letter D. In total, we found 49. These are the dog breeds that begin with d:

  • Dachshund
  • Dingo
  • Dandie Dinmont Terrier
  • Dobermann
  • Dogue De Bordeaux
  • Dutch Shepherd
  • Deutscher Wolfspitz (AKA Keeshond)
  • Deutscher Spitz (AKA Pomeranian Dog)
  • Deutsch Kurzhaar (AKA German Shorthaired Pointer)
  • Deutsch Drahthaar (AKA German Wirehaired Pointer)
  • Decker Giant (AKA Rat Terrier)
  • Dielmatian (AKA Peruvian Hairless Dog)
  • Duck Toller (AKA Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)
  • Deutscher Jagdterrier (AKA Jagdterrier)
  • Dokhi Apso (AKA Tibetan Terrier)
  • De Kochyano Spai (AKA Kuchi Dog)
  • Drótszőrű Magyar Vizsla (AKA Wirehaired Vizsla)
  • Dutch Bulldog (AKA Pug)
  • Drentse Patrijshond
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Dunker
  • Danish–swedish Farmdog
  • Dogo Cubano
  • Drever
  • Dorgi
  • Dumfriesshire Hound
  • Dalmatian
  • Dutch Smoushond
  • Dalbo Dog
  • Danish Spitz
  • Denmark Feist
  • Dutch Spaniel (AKA Kooikerhondje)
  • Dreifarbiger Serbischer Laufhund (AKA Serbian Tricolour Hound)
  • Drover’s Dog (AKA Cur)
  • Drop-eared Papillion (AKA Phalène)
  • Deutscher Pinscher (AKA German Pinscher)
  • Dō-Ken (AKA Hokkaido)
  • Deutscher Langhaariger (AKA German Longhaired Pointer)
  • Deutscher Wachtel (AKA German Spaniel)
  • De Grande Taille (AKA Braque Français)
  • Dutch Schapendoes (AKA Schapendoes)
  • Dupuy Pointer (AKA Braque Dupuy)
  • Deutsche Bracke (AKA German Hound)
  • Dun Hound (AKA Chien-gris)
  • Deutscher Stichelhaariger Vorstehhund  (AKA German Roughhaired Pointer)
  • Desi Dog (AKA Indian Pariah Dog)
  • Dogo Guatemalteco (AKA Guatemalan Dogo)
  • Dogue Brasileiro (AKA Brazilian Dogo)
  • Dutch Tulip Hound (AKA Markiesje)

More on Dog Breeds Starting With D


The dachshund is a type of hound dog with short legs and a long body. Due to their long body, these dogs have been nicknamed as sausage dogs.


The dingo comes from Australia and is an ancient dog breed. The earliest fossil for this breed was found in west Australia and they are over 3450 years old. These dogs are medium in size and have a lean and hardy body. They are known to be fast and agile, with a high stamina.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Dandie Dinmont Terrier comes from Scotland and belongs to the terrier dog family. This breed is small in size and has a long body with short legs.  They also have a characteristic knot of hair on top of their head.


The Dobermann breed is an old dog breed that has existed since 1890s. They are medium to large in size. These dogs are strong and driven. At times, they can be stubborn. But they are easy to train and very quick at learning.

Dogue De Bordeaux

The Dogue de Bordeaux comes from France and existed since the 14th century. This breed belongs to the mastiff family of dogs and is large in size.

Deutscher Wolfspitz (AKA Keeshond)

Deutscher Wolfspitz comes from Holland and is closely related to German spitzes. This breed is medium in size and has a plush double coat with a mix of black and silver fur. It also has a ruff and a tail that is curled.

Deutscher Spitz (AKA Pomeranian Dog)

Deutscher Spitz belongs to the Spitz family of dogs. It is commonly known as  The Pomeranian. This name was derived from its origins which is Pomerania found in north east Germany and North West Poland. This breed is also one of the top 50 popular dog breeds in the US.

Deutsch Kurzhaar (AKA German Shorthaired Pointer)

Deutsch Kurzhaa was created in Germany in the 19th century and it is a type of pointer dog. This breed is medium to large in size. It is bred for hunting and can be used as a gun dog on land and water. These dogs are powerful and have strong legs. Their coat is short and usually comes in liver and white color.

Deutsch Drahthaar (AKA German Wirehaired Pointer)

Deutsch Drahthaar was also created in Germany in the 19th century. This breed belongs to the griffon family of dogs. They are medium to large in size. They have a weather resistant and wiry coat.  This breed is also bred to be gundogs. In the late 20th century, this breed turned out to be Germany’s leading gundog.

Decker Giant (AKA Rat Terrier)

Decker Giant comes from America.This is a small dog breed.  It is originally bred to assist in farm activities and hunting. They are closely related to feist which is a small hunting dog breed. Decker Giants are active and smart. Today, they are also used to control pests and as family pets.

Dielmatian (AKA Peruvian Hairless Dog)

Dielmatian is a hairless dog breed. This breed comes from Peru and is bred to be pets.

Duck Toller (AKA Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)

Duck Tolle is a type of gun dog breed. This breed is medium in size and is kept for hunting. They are known to be capable of luring waterfowl into gunshot range, and this is how they got “toller” in their name. Their ancestors include a crossbreed between spaniels, retrievers, setters and maybe a farm collie mongrel.

Deutscher Jagdterrier (AKA Jagdterrier)

Deutscher Jagdterrier comes from Germany. This belongs to the terrier family of dogs and are bred for hunting quarry.

Dokhi Apso (AKA Tibetan Terrier)

Dokhi Apso comes from Tibet and is medium in size. Its English name is the Tibetan Terrier. This name was given by travellers from Europe as they look like a terrier. However, they are not a terrier type of dog.

De Kochyano Spai (AKA Kuchi Dog)

De Kochyano Spai  are a type of working dogs that follow nomads to protect caravans and livestock. These dogs are characterised by their mix of dark black and brindle grey stripes.

Drótszőrű Magyar Vizsla (AKA Wirehaired Vizsla)

Drótszőrű Magyar Vizsla comes from Hungary. This breed is known for their excellent scent ability and they are easy to train. They have a wiry and dense coat which is also water resistant.

Dutch Bulldog (AKA Pug)

Dutch Bulldog is known for their wrinkled face and short muzzle as well as their curled tail. Their coat is fine and glossy. These dogs have muscular bodies which are squarish. This breed originated from China and was brought into Europe in the 16th century.

Drentse Patrijshond

The Drentsche Patrijshond comes from Drenthe in Holland. This belongs to the Spaniel family of dogs and is bred for hunting. These dogs excel both as a pointer and retriever. And they are normally used for hunting fowls as they can do well in both fields and marshes.

Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino comes from Argentina. These dogs are large and muscular and have a white coat. They are used for hunting big animals such as wild boars. They first came into existence in 1928 when Cordoba Fighting dogs were crossbred with other dog breeds of mainly the terrier and bulldog family. Its appearance looks like an American Pit Bull Terrier. However, it is smaller in size. These dogs can live up to 10 to 12 years old.