Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop

Wondering why do dogs eat poop? Is your puppy also eating its own poop or even cat’s poop? You are not alone. Eating feces (poop) is a common phenomenon among various animals and is called “coprophagy” (“copro” = feces “phagia” = eating). Dogs, especially puppies, tend to eat poop from various sources including its poop, […]

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Why Do Dogs Chase Their Own Tails?

Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails

One day, I noticed that a seemingly unreachable prize had caught my dog’s eye, and he was in hot pursuit. Spinning in endless circles, my dog’s tail was the Jerry to his Tom, and his inability to get a hold of it had me giggling as I watched this performance. After a few more minutes […]

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Are Grapes Bad For Dogs?

Are Grapes Bad For Dogs

We love our dogs as much as we love ourselves. Their diets are important for proper development, growth, and having a long life to live. With that said, making sure your dog avoid toxic fruits and vegetables will require a significant amount of knowledge and understanding from many dog owners or soon-to-be dog owners. Are […]

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Why Does My Dog Keep Eating Grass?

Why Does My Dog Eat Grass

Many dog ​​owners pay attention to a phenomenon that seems strange to them, occasionally the dog eats grass during the walk, and often vomits afterwards. Can a dog eat grass? If our dog also has a habit of eating grass, we can relax. Dogs have been eating grass for thousands of years and no one […]

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Is Chocolate Bad For Dogs?

Is Chocolate Bad For Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Chocolate? Who doesn’t love chocolate? An innocent delicacy with a beloved taste that evokes in us a pleasant feeling of euphoria … even our pets will be happy if we share with them some of the chocolate we eat. Unfortunately, eating chocolate by dogs can lead to poisoning with significant consequences and […]

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Why Does My Dog Howl?

Why Does My Dog Howl

We already know that dogs howl as a form of communication. Howling is an inherent behavior passed down from their ancestors for long-distance communication. When wolves howl, the sound can travel as far as ten kilometers in open spaces. As you may have noticed, not all dogs are keen on howling. There are some that […]

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Why Is My Dog Shaking, Shivering Or Trembling?

Why Is My Dog Shaking, Shivering Or Trembling

With the advent of winter, we make sure our dogs will stay warm and cozy too. We take care of dressing them, take care of them with blankets and a warm and pampering bed. But what if despite all our efforts the dog is still shaking? What are the warning signs to which we should […]

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Why Does My Dog Pant Constantly?

Why Does My Dog Pant Constantly

Why Does My Dog Pant Constantly? There are several reasons your dog pants and fortunately, the most common is absolutely normal. 1 He is “sweating” When humans get overheated, we begin to sweat. It is the body’s way of regulating the body temperature: it helps cool you down. The sweat gland is a type of […]

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Why Does My Dog Keep Staring At Me?

Why Does My Dog Stare at Me

Why Does My Dog Keep Staring At Me? I consider myself a dog lover, in a big way. Recently, my son asked me something that I have taken for granted. He asked, why does my dog keep staring at me? This simple question made me realize several things. One, I have taken for granted that […]

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Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?

Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails

  Anyone who is a dog owner immediately recognizes that happy wag when we come home from work and our dog greets us. But that tail wag is not always what we think. In fact, a dog wagging his tail can indicate a great deal more than happiness. Dogs are social animals and have a […]

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