Why Is My Dog Shaking, Shivering Or Trembling?

Why Is My Dog Shaking, Shivering Or Trembling

With the advent of winter, we make sure our dogs will stay warm and cozy too.

We take care of dressing them, take care of them with blankets and a warm and pampering bed. But what if despite all our efforts the dog is still shaking? What are the warning signs to which we should pay attention and seek a veterinary diagnosis?

There are many harmless reasons why our dog seems to us as shivering during the day, and not always the tremors are affected by cold weather, for examples: get attention, excitement, panic or stress and emotional disorders.

But there are certain cases of tremor in dogs that require veterinary care.

Here are some interesting facts about tremors in dogs:

  • Tremor is a movement disorder that is often difficult to decipher.
  • There are also other forms of muscle tremor, more subtle that we call “spasms” or “twitches”

(for example , involuntary movements of the ear).

  • Tremor occurs only in an awake animal. Keep in mind that the tremor that occurs while the dog is sleeping is not a real tremor, it is a dream ….
  • There is a little known phenomenon that includes head shaking / gnashing of teeth (rarely) that occurs in some types of bulldogs as well as in other large dogs.
  • Tremor of the hind legs in older dogs is another phenomenon that is little known about, and in fact has almost no significant clinical effect on the dog.

Why is the dog shaking?

We divide the causes of trembling into two main groups: tremors on a neural background and tremors on an external background.

  • Epilepsy – Epileptic seizures occur on the background of a neurological disorder in the dog. This is one of the most common causes of seizures, and it comes against the background of abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

The disease is more common in young dogs (ages 1-3 years), and has a strong genetic predisposition.

  • Infections – Some of the infections that attack the dog directly affect the nerve or brain cavity.

A common example is the puppy virus, that attacks the neurological system and respiratory system, and can cause severe convulsions,

seizures and even death without early treatment. Other infectious sources can cause meningitis and lead to involuntary tremors.

  • Poisoning – This is usually a chemical poison to which the dog is exposed during a street stroll. Some groups of toxins contain extremely dangerous active ingredients, which cause sudden systemic collapse and symptoms of seizures and acute tremors.

In addition, food poisoning, like chocolate poisoning, can cause seizures and even breakdown.

  • Failure of one of the body’s systems – caused by various diseases or complications such as liver problems, decreased sugar levels and more.
  • Malignant tumors – Malignant tumors, especially in the area of ​​the brain or spine, interfere with the proper functioning of the nervous system and can lead to systemic failure, seizures and death without prior treatment.
  • There is a tremor disease known as “little white shaker” which is probably related to the immune system and usually responds to medication (suppresses the immune system).

Diagnosis For Dog Trembling

• Most often we have to rely on the medical history of the dog as well as a thorough examination of the nervous system (neurological examination).

Possible exposure to toxins (pesticides of the house, garden, various foods such as caffeine, chocolate, and owner’s medicines) should be investigated.

• Find out how long the tremor lasted.

• Various metabolic conditions that can cause the tremor to be diagnosed should be diagnosed, through a general blood test.

Should I be Concerned About My Dog Shivering?

In conclusion, our dogs do not talk, on the one hand it is what makes them lovely pets, on the other hand it also creates problems: sometimes it is difficult for us to understand what our dog wants from us. Therefore, if we notice that our dog is suffering, and the tremors are not due to cold, joy or panic, and there seems to be no other apparent reason for the dog tremors, for our peace of mind and our dog’s health, we should go to our vet.