Why Do Dogs Sneeze When They Play?

Why Do Dogs Sneeze When They Play?

Do you hear a sneezing-sound from your dog? It can be common yet sometimes alarming, isn’t it? It bothers us every time we see something unusual and weird about our pet. Hence, it’s important to know when does sneezing of your dog becomes something that you should be worried about. Let’s take a look at the possible reasons for dog sneezing below:


1) “Play sneeze”

Our dogs love to play especially if they are with other dogs. One way for them to express their excitement is by making those sneeze-like sounds. This is not something alarming.

Why do dogs sneeze when they play with you or other dogs?

· Too much excitement can cause a tickling nose : Whenever our dogs play, they seem to be very enjoyed and they become very excited which creates that results for their nose to tickle

· Their way of communicating : Some dogs sneeze at you as their way of saying that they want to play.

What to do?

As long as the sneezing only occurs when they are playing and it doesn’t come with another symptom, then it’s less likely something that we should be worried about. Besides, the energy and playfulness of our dog are signs that he’s healthy. Let him enjoy!


2) Due to irritants and foreign bodies

There are allergens that can be inhaled by our dogs such as pollens and dust. As a result, they sneeze a lot. It usually comes with a runny nose, watery eyes, and cough. Nose bleeding with reduced appetite may also happen when it’s severe.

Food can also be a contributor to allergies- especially proteins. Food Allergies in Dogs happen when our dogs immune system over-response to an invading protein. Our dogs tend to have itchy and red skin.

Other contributors of Allergies:

· Allergens from other pets and animals : Allergens from rodents and rabbits can be present In hair, urine, and saliva. They might also get it from non-fur animals such as fish and reptiles.

· Insect bites : This can cause an itchy annoyance to our dogs and skin irritation. Redness of skin may also happen.

What to do?

Some may recommend doing home remedies but it is best to go to the vet since they will be able to analyze the origin of the allergy and prescribe the specific allergens our dog needs. They can also give us tips and advice on how to prevent it and what to do when it happens in the future.


3) Due to sinusitis

Another possible cause of sneezing is sinusitis. Yes, it also happens to dogs. This happens when our dog’s internal nasal passages get severely inflamed. There are many possible causes of sinusitis in dogs. One of these is a viral infection. They might have a weakened immune system that makes it easier for the virus to penetrate.

Other possible causes of sinusitis:

· traumatic injury : It can be caused by skin wounds, bone fractures, or head trauma. Falling from a height is one example.

· parasites : A parasite called Capillaria aerophilous lives within the nasal passages and the sinuses that lead to sinusitis.

· tumor in the nose : This is found in the nasal cavity and sinuses. This is considered to be severe.

What to do?

Since it can be caused by a fungal, bacterial, or viral infection, it can be treated with antibiotics. But of course, we need to seek medical advice from a veterinarian for the proper treatment as soon as possible.


4) Due to an infected Tooth

We may not know if our dog is suffering from a painful tooth until we see them acting unusual. Sneezing is one of the signs that our dog has an infected tooth. This can be caused by swollen or infected gums and cavities, especially in the upper canine teeth. Sneezing comes with nasal discharge, too.

Signs that your dog has an infected tooth:

· Refusing to eat hard foods and treats : It can be because he is suffering from pain. Switching to a soft food can be considered.

· Bad breath :  A different smell from the normal smell of a dog’s breath.

· Facial swelling : This is usually noticeable in the upper jaw.

What to do?

Dr. Lee, in his blog Watch for infected teeth in pets, recommends antibiotics specific for oral bacteria that can be done for a week each month. for a dog who has sneezing signs though with no breathing and other problems but has bad teeth. However, it is still better to visit the vet near you to have your dog diagnosed and treated appropriately. Furthermore, checking our dogs’ teeth and mouth condition would help us avoid this to happen.



5) A brachycephalic breed dog

Pugs, Shih Tzus, and Chihuahuas are just some of the examples of brachycephalic breed dogs. The word ” brachycephalic” is defined as having a short, broad-head wherein the cephalic index is over 80. They have a short nose and very narrow nostrils that make the airway compressed. This breed of dogs comes with a respiratory-related medical condition known as the Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome (BAOS)Reverse sneezing isn’t the only symptom of BAOS but it’s one of the most common.

Why do brachycephalic  dogs reverse sneeze?

· Stenotic nares : Narrow nostrils block the air to push through the nostrils when a dog breathes.

· Elongated soft-palate : Cause blockage to the trachea for having a too-long soft palate that extends through the back of the throat.

· Hypoplastic trachea : The trachea is narrower than the normal diameter.

What to do?

Massage the dog’s throats calmly and cover his nostrils whenever he experiences reverse sneezing. In that way, the dog takes the air in. This may only take less than a minute on average.


The takeaway

Our dog is part of our family. We don’t want something bad to happen to them that’s why we feel bothered if we find observe something strange in their behaviors.

Sneezing, especially if you own a brachycephalic breed dog, can be common but we should also be aware of some other causes especially when it can be a severe one. Though we can’t watch over them all the time but inspecting our dog’s physical health regularly will help greatly to prevent them from getting any illnesses. When something’s strange and feels not right with our dog, it is better to seek medical advice from a veterinarian before it’s too late.