Do Dog Saliva Heal Wounds?

Wondering if your dog should lick your wounds? Do dog saliva heal wounds? Throughout this article, we are going to openly discuss the benefits of dog drool and the safety behind it.

Is it safe for dogs to lick you?

It’s forever plus a day safe for your dog to lick and give you sweet puppy kisses. This is their way of displaying affection and other healthy communication tactics between owners and their pets.

What’s not okay is allowing your dog to lick chocolate off your hands, devour an onion and/or garlic, or lick poisonous chemicals. Doing so will harm your dog and their health. Garlic and onions could lead to death due to the chemical makeup within them if you allow your dog to lick and/or consume these items.

Do dog saliva heal wounds?

Ever wondered if your dog could heal your wound whenever you get hurt? Contrary to popular belief, dog saliva contains several healing properties that helps with the healing process.

Lab retrievers and beagles.

Many researches concluded that a lab retriever and beagles saliva contains antimicrobial enzymes and peptides. The enzymes protects against possible infection by bacteria and fungi whereas the peptides eliminates developing viruses, bacteria, or cancerous cells.

However, even if you own a dog that’s neither a lab or beagle, many dogs contain similar saliva compound makeup that help heal wounds on themselves and people.

However, too much drool isn’t cool.

While it’s fine for your dog to lick your wounds, increasing the healing process, it’s not wise if they’re excessively licking your wounded arm or leg. This will create irritation, other forms of infections, and self-mutilation.

Additionally, excessive drool and licking (or chewing on your wounds) delays healing on the body. Their licking breaks down the wound and reopens the site on themselves or their owners, especially if there were surgical work performed on the general area.

What should I do if my dog drools too much?

As much as we enjoy our fur baby’s wet kisses, it is possible that he/she is drooling too much. Generally, drooling is a sign of your dog’s body heat rising. This helps them cool down on steamy days throughout the warm seasons.

If your dog is drooling too much, then he/she might have a problem with either a fractured tooth or a tumor in their mouth. In addition to the excessive drooling, avoid feeding your dog bones (cooked or raw) as some pieces of bones could lodge in his/her throat, creating a serious breathing problem.

A neat and harmless way to reduce the drooling is reducing their anxiety and giving them a fun oral brushing with dog oral products. Tartar build up, brown teeth, or swollen gums aren’t good for your puppy’s health. Maintaining healthy brushing will reduce the drooling.

Organic tips to help heal wounds.

Injuries occur at least once in our lives. We’re not indestructible creatures, however, the human body serves a vital purpose with healing if severely injured.

Wounds leave the body vulnerable for germs and harmful bacteria to invade the internal tissues. There are natural ways to heal wounds while enhancing the healing process.

  • Antibacterial ointments are used to help seal, protect, and heal your wound as quickly as possible. This also prevent possible infections and/or skin diseases destroying your flesh and tissue.
  • Containing glucomannans, lipids (healthy fat), and vitamins, Aloe Vera is used for healing wounds and some burns. The contents within the plant contains cellular regeneration that helps the body produce collagen.
  • Antibiotic creams and adhesive bandages works for healing painful wounds on the skin. Using hydrogen peroxide cleans the said wound, however, depending on the intensity of the wound itself may destroy helpful tissue and serous fluid during the healing process. Serous fluid help protect the wound during the healing process.
  • Consume vitamins C, E, and B complex vitamins to increase fast healing of your wounds. Vitamin C helps your body produce collagen, forming new tissue. Vitamin E and B complex vitamins promotes healing with creating new skin and heal burns.


Your dog is a compassionate animal, especially towards their beloved owner. There’s going to come a time when your dog is tempted to heal your wound with his/her drool. If you allow them to lick and provide swift medical aid to your open injury, make sure you go back and dress the wound up properly. Take care of your body and your body will forever take care of you.